These 3 Google Maps Updates Will Make Summer Travel B

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March 28, 2024

Google Maps released a new set of updates yesterday that aims to make travel more convenient, comfortable, and advanced for its users.

Google Maps is the go-to solution for 67% of all mapping app users worldwide, making its monthly user count nearly 1 billion. The tech giant has been working on introducing a better interface and advanced features by releasing multiple Google Maps updates in each release. Yesterday, the app released 3 new features through the latest version update to make travel a much better experience for its users. The new features are available in the US and Canada and will extend to other countries soon.

Google officially announced the updates in its blog post on 27th March 2024. The tech giant’s biggest upcoming update is the app’s refreshed interface. It will have a much cleaner homepage screen, fewer tabs, and new pin colors to make identifying places easier. With this, users can overcome the interface monotony that Google Maps may have become prone to since its last major UI update.

Google has also updated its recommendation feature to provide the best recommendations from top websites and Google Maps communities. The new recommendations feature is divided into three categories and is updated regularly. It includes:

1. The Trending List – Updated weekly, shows places that witnessed a recent spike in traffic or interest.
2. The Top List – This list features all the places loved consistently by the Google Maps community to help people find their true and tested favorites.
3. The Gems List – This feature helps find secret spots or unpopular places near any travel destination. It is home to some of the greatest restaurants still flying under the radar.

Another feature added to the Google Maps update is custom lists. With custom lists, users can add places they want to visit or those they’ve already been to. This feature will enhance journey planning by allowing custom-made itineraries to be placed in chronological order. Users can also rank the places based on their experience and link their social channels content to share their experience, such as a cafe review.

Places At A Glance With AI

Google has been investing heavily in AI capabilities. Google Maps is bringing AI to its app to help users get maximum relevant information about a place in the shortest time. With the power of AI, the app shows photos, reviews, and summaries that explain a dish’s properties. For people looking for vegan options in a local destination where language barriers may cause hindrance, AI will come to the rescue by translating it instantly.

Google Maps has released these updates just in time for the summer travel season. If the updates deliver on their promise in the blog post, Google Maps will sustain its leadership position as the best app for navigation.

Arpit Dubey

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