This Apple Vision Pro art app revolutionises learning to draw

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Wondering what Apple‘s spatial computing vision can do for budding artists? A new app shows one possibility. The Da Vinci Eye Vision Pro app is an AR art projector that allows users to ‘trace’ from a reference image onto any surface by superimposing a transparent overlay via Apple’s headset.

The app’s creators believe they’re the first to have harnessed the Vision Pro’s passthrough feature to provide this kind of immersive creative experience. It says the app is suitable for artists of all ages and can help students to learn (see our roundup of Vision Pro reviews for more on what is Apple’s first new product in years).

An image of someone using Da Vinci Eye Apple Vision Pro app

The Vision Pro app can be used for drawing and much more (Image credit: Da Vinci Eye)

The Da Vinci Eye AR Art Projector app is already available for iOS and Android, allowing users to place their phones over a canvas and draw an overlaid image. However, phones are small and require a stand to hold them in place. The Apple Vision Pro version of the app looks like a more convenient and natural experience, and a whole new way of tracing a reference image with no need for paper or awkward stands.

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