TikTok Bridges Music Discovery Gap with “Add to Music App” Feature

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After its launch in 2023, TikTok introduced its “Add to Music App” feature to users across 163 countries globally, including 41 nations in Sub-Saharan Africa such as Kenya and Nigeria. This new addition empowers music enthusiasts to seamlessly save songs they discover on TikTok to their preferred music streaming services.

The Add to Music App feature streamlines the music discovery experience for both TikTok users and artists. When users come across a captivating track while scrolling through their For You feed, they can tap the “Add Song” button displayed alongside the track name. This seamless action initiates the process of saving the song to their chosen music streaming service. Upon the first use of the feature, users select their preferred platform, and the track is automatically added to a default playlist. However, they maintain the flexibility to move the song to a different playlist if desired. For subsequent uses, tracks are saved to the previously selected streaming service, although users can modify their default platform anytime through the settings.

Moreover, the Add to Music App feature extends beyond the For You feed, as users can leverage it directly from an artist’s Sound Detail Page, further enhancing music discovery opportunities.

Isaac Bess, TikTok’s Global Head of Distribution Partnerships, expressed enthusiasm about the feature’s expansion, stating, “With Add to Music App, we are streamlining the music discovery experience for both TikTok users and artists. Music fans are embracing the opportunity to save music from TikTok directly to their favorite music streaming services, driving music discovery and helping more tracks to break through and become hits.”

Bess further emphasized TikTok’s commitment to providing even more opportunities for music discovery, consumption, and artist growth, enabling musicians to reach new audiences and advance their careers. By bridging the gap between music discovery and consumption, the integration offers a seamless experience for users to enjoy the tracks they stumble upon within the app.

While TikTok has yet to confirm the specific music streaming services supported by the Add to Music App feature, the integration aims to foster a closer connection between TikTok and music streaming platforms, ultimately benefiting both users and artists alike.


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