TikTok launches ‘Add to Music App’ feature In 163 countries, including Kenya

TikTok has announced that the ‘Add to Music App’ is now rolling out to users in 163 new countries, including 41 countries across Sub-Saharan Africa like Kenya and Nigeria.

The feature
gives music fans the ability to save the songs they discover on TikTok on the
music streaming services of their choice

to Music App’ has been
designed to help music fans capture songs that they love on TikTok in the
moment of discovery, and to easily save the song to their preferred music
streaming service to enjoy whenever they like.

The feature appears as a button that says ‘Add Song’ next to a track name at the bottom of a TikTok video in the ‘For You’ feed, inviting users to save the song to the music streaming service of their choice.

The first time a user presses the ‘Add Song’ button, they can choose to save it to their preferred music streaming service.

The track is then saved to a default playlist
in the preferred music streaming service, but users can also choose to add the
track to a new playlist or an existing playlist that they have created.

Following the first use of the ‘Add to Music App’ feature, the music app selected will then become the default music streaming service for future track saves, although users can select to change the default music streaming service at any time under settings.

Users can also use the ‘Add to Music App’ feature from an artist’s ‘Sound Detail’ page.

“With Add to
Music App, we are streamlining the music discovery experience for both TikTok
users and artists,
said Isaac Bess, Global Head of Distribution Partnerships, TikTok.

Music fans are embracing the opportunity to save music from TikTok directly to their favourite music streaming services, driving music discovery and helping more tracks to break through and become hits.”

He added: “We are
really excited to be bringing the feature to millions more music fans around the world, providing even more opportunities for music discovery and
consumption, and for artists to reach new audiences and grow their careers.”