Top 10 Best Workout or Fitness Apps in 2024

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Fitness has become the modern mantra and with this, fitness applications are now considered to be the friendly tools of the advancing generation, who are trying to prioritize health. With technology having perfectly taken a place in the fitness world, these fitness apps stand to be the most user-friendly dynamic option in the quest for a healthy lifestyle but it’s a tough task to choose the right fitness app. So, here we arrive at a solution, we have given a brief description including the essential features of a few of the most used fitness apps in detail.

Top Workout Apps

There are a bunch of fitness apps out there, and each one of these promises a myriad of benefits, primarily giving its users the flexibility to exercise at any time and place under the guidance of experts. Not only this, but they also come with a built-in feature to track progress, blood pressure levels, present stats, and set goals.

App name Playstore Rating Best for
Nike training club 4.4 Workout
Apple fitness+ 4.8 Fitness
FitOn 4.6 Fitness
Peloton 4.1 Fitness
Sweat 4.3 Weight Loss
Adidas Training 4.4 Workout
Strava 4.5 Fitness
JeFit 4.4 Fitness
Centr 3.8 Workout
Freeletics 4.2 Fitness

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club happens to be a comprehensive fitness app coming from the house of “Nike,” and it happens to cater to a wide range of audiences by giving them the chance to choose from a bunch of workout options such as cardio, yoga, weight training, and much more. This is one of the best workout apps for beginners.

Pricing: Nike Training Club offers a free and premium membership to its users.

Link: Nike Training Club


  • A diverse range of workouts.
  • Professional trainers that help to enhance the overall quality of training.
  • A user-friendly interface.


  • Some advanced features demand a premium subscription, that is a bit pricey.
  • Even the overall features have now changed and become limited for the free subscription.

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Apple Fitness+

Apple Workout+ is a detailed workout package designed to run seamlessly with all the other Apple products. The application provides current statistics and ensures an individually tailored training experience as a result of its full compatibility with the Apple Watch. Users have the choice of taking part in real-time classes or selecting from an extensive catalogue of on-demand workouts.

Pricing: It is a subscription service, where the cost might vary depending on the region.

Link: Apple Fitness+


  • Gives the user the option to sync it with Apple Music.
  • Offers a wide range of workout options.
  • It seamlessly integrates with the entire Apple system.


  • To get the most use out of this application, users might need to link it to other Apple devices.
  • The pricing is again considered not to be pocket-friendly.


FitOn offers the chance to create a customizable workout plan and schedule guided lessons with experts. Not just this but it also enables the user to become a part of a community that primarily connects different people around the globe and gives them a chance to share their own workout experiences.

Pricing: FitOn offers a free subscription to its users.

Link: FitOn


  • The free subscription plan makes it a good option for the users.
  • Workouts are guided by experts who even include celebrity trainers.
  • Users are given the option to customize their workout plans.


  • Some advanced features might be included in the paid plan.
  • Free versions are said to be loaded with advertisements.


Peloton offers its users the option to be a part of live lessons in a broad range of categories, such as strength training, yoga, biking, jogging, and even more. The classes can be both live and on demand. This is one of the best workout apps for muscle gain and it can also establish a connection with Peloton’s exclusive training equipment. Real-time workout tracking and a leaderboard to organize competitive workouts are some of the most important features.

Pricing: Peloton is a subscription-based fitness application. The charges depend on the type of service that the user is opting for.

Link: Peloton


  • It allows its users to experience a diverse workout by giving them the chance to either opt for online or on-demand classes.
  • The workout sessions are interactive.
  • Classes are given by quality instructors.


  • The subscription cost is not pocket-friendly.
  • The amount of free content available on the application is limited.


Sweat is a wellness app that comes equipped with a wide range of workout plans that are primarily targeted toward women. It is widely recognized for its rigorous exercise schedules, which have been developed by widely recognized trainers like Kayla Itsines and often continue for 12 weeks. The app offers an all-encompassing approach to healthcare by providing dietary advice for users along with exercise routines.

Pricing: Sweat requires a paid subscription.

Link: Sweat


  • Sweat gives a well-formulated and structured workout plan.
  • Renowned trainers are available which further gives a level of expertise.
  • Dietary guidance is also given to its users.


  • If a user wants to access all its benefits, then a subscription cost is required.
  • The application’s primary focus is built around a female audience.

Adidas Training

Adidas Training application provides a well-structured training routine, that is customisable according to the user’s demands. It also provides an in-depth breakdown of the workout statistics. It is considered the best workout app for weightloss.

Pricing: Adidas Training offers both a free and paid subscription plan to its users.

Link: Adidas Training


  • Adidas is a well-known brand, as such the application comes with credibility and reputation.
  • A user can customize his/her training programs.
  • The application can often be linked with various wearable devices.


  • The updating and changes might potentially lead to a disturbed user experience.
  • The subscription cost might be a topic of issue.


Acclaimed fitness application Strava has been created particularly for bikers and athletes. Biking, swimming, and running are among the majority of the sports that it can track as well as assess. It comes with GPS evaluation, metrics for performance, obstacles, and an element of socialization that enables users to communicate with other sports enthusiasts are just a few of the key features.

Pricing: It is free as well as comes with a paid version.

Link: Strava


  • It provides route planning.
  • It gives a performance analysis to its respective users.
  • Strava also offers community engagement, where the users can connect and engage with fellow athletes around the globe.


  • Primarily focused on cyclists and runners.
  • Some advanced features are included in the premium version, which requires an additional cost.


A fitness app called JEFIT has been developed specifically for bodybuilding and strengthening exercises. An extensive exercise library followed by adaptable training schedules, tracking of advancement, and the capacity to keep track of and assess your exercises constitute some of the main features. Other features include workout statistics, the app incorporates tools for documenting body measurements.

Pricing: Both free and paid subscription plans are available.

Link: Jefit


  • A good platform for strength training enthusiasts.
  • It offers a wide range of exercises followed by in-depth guidance.
  • Allowed users to connect.


  • It is primarily focused on strength training programs.
  • Advanced features are included in the premium subscription plan.


Centr has been identified as a holistic application that is designed in collaboration with the famous Hollywood celebrity, Chris Hemsworth. Its key features enable the users to get used to several workout plans, exercise options, sleep guidance, and keep a record of their progress.

Pricing: It requires a paid subscription.

Link: Centr


  • A nutritionist is available to offer healthy diet guidance.
  • Expert nutritionists and workout trainers are available for the people.
  • It has a very user-friendly interactive interface.


  • The subscription cost might not be pocket-friendly.
  • The preferences for fitness instructors might vary.


The key features of the Freeletics app are focused on body training and power-fueled workouts. It also enables the users to track their fitness progress, builds a whole community of enthusiasts, and offers a comprehensive targeted training plan.

Pricing: It offers a free version but it comes with the basic features. The advanced features are included in the paid version.

Link: Freeletics


  • The emphasis is put on bodyweight training exercises.
  • Allows the users to exercise the interactive option.
  • A user can experience personalized workouts.

Cons: The level of certain workouts is too high and might not cater to the requirements of most of the audiences.

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What is the 12-week workout app?

A “12-week workout app” is a common term given to several online workout applications that enable their users to follow a structured and guided workout plan for 12 weeks.

Is there a 100% free workout app?

Yes, several workout applications are 100% free. A few of these apps are:

Which is the best full-body workout app?

The best full-body workout app is Apple Fitness Plus.

What features are most important in a fitness app?

Some of the most important features of a fitness app are:

  • Customizable diet plans
  • Activity tracker
  • wearable device integration
  • social sharing
  • Progress tracking
  • Achieved goals

Are fitness apps safe for beginners?

Yes, Fitness apps are safe for beginners given that they are used appropriately.

What fitness apps do celebrities use?

The fitness apps that celebrities use are:

  • Centr
  • Jennis
  • Own your goals

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