Top 8 Task & Planner Apps in 2024 for Getting Stuff Done | by Francesco D’Alessio | Feb, 2024

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From new gems to established players, the best ones for 2024

Task management and daily planner apps are growing rapidly in the world of productivity as bases for people’s planning and daily strategy. After 10+ years of reviewing them, we’ve narrowed them into one quick list.

These apps have been curated from the list of our best to-do apps and narrowed down to help you find your gem. If you enjoy this article here, clap it up on Medium, we’d love that! 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼

Best for Mindfulness

Sunsama’s mindful calendar planning

Sunsama encourages a mindful approach to task management and daily planning, blending calendar functions with task organization. Think of it as a mindful, guided way to plan.

It’s designed to foster a healthy work-life balance by offering features like guided planning and task consolidation, making it ideal for those seeking to align daily tasks with broader weekly objectives. Sunsama does a good job for focus on mindfulness and structured planning, making it a top choice for individuals who prioritize intentional living and productivity.

Best Minimal Experience

Things 3 in the Vision Pro world

Things 3 is a beautifully designed task management app, offering a simple yet powerful platform for personal project organization. Its minimalist interface is perfect for users who appreciate a clean and uncluttered experience. Key features include “This Evening” for evening tasks, project management, and seamless integration within the Apple ecosystem.

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