Ubitus Unleashes Generative AI and Cloud Gaming Synergies in Asia with Investment from NVIDIA, Business News

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TOKYO, March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Ubitus K.K. (hereinafter Ubitus), a leading provider of cloud gaming technology and solutions, announced today that it has received new investment funding from NVIDIA. This announcement underscores the immense potential and accelerating demand for generative AI and cloud gaming across Asia and beyond.

Pioneering Cloud Gaming Wide Adoption

Ubitus has been at the helm of cloud gaming, breaking down entry barriers and offering gamers worldwide access to high-quality games without the need for high-end hardware. Ubitus’ success is established on its expertise in managing high-computational applications in the cloud, delivering device-agnostic user experiences through native apps or browsers, managing one of Asia’s largest GPU farms, and its ability to quickly adopt the latest technologies for customized solutions. These core competencies shall be equally instrumental in future generative AI and cloud gaming growth.

Synergizing Generative AI and Cloud Gaming

Ubitus has been collaborating with NVIDIA to build out its GPU cloud infrastructure. Prior to this investment, Ubitus was already a pioneer driving the adoption of generative AI solutions for customers across various industries, including gaming, media, entertainment and retail, based on key localized foundational models. The company’s portfolio includes:

  • UbiGPT: A bespoke, gaming-centric large language model (LLM) that powers a new era of interactive storytelling and game development, enabling games to offer unparalleled narrative depth and dynamic player engagement.
  • UbiArt: An advanced graphic and video diffusion service that leverages AI to transform game visuals into stunning, lifelike art, elevating the aesthetic experience for gamers and creators alike.
  • Ubi-chan: An innovative AI avatar platform, tailor-made for gamers and creators, offering personalized, interactive avatars that enhance online presence and community engagement.

With support from NVIDIA’s accelerated computing, Ubitus expects to further advance its solution offerings to customers.

Promising Future Growth

Ubitus’ investment funding represents a pivotal moment in the advancement of generative AI and cloud gaming in Asia. By leveraging the strengths of NVIDIA, Ubitus is set to unlock new possibilities for AI creation, distribution, and consumption. As the company stands on the brink of a new AI dawn, the impact of its work will resonate across industries, geographies, and cultures, reshaping the digital landscape for future generations.

About Ubitus

Ubitus K.K. is a technology leader specializing in GPU virtualization, cloud solutions, and streaming platform. Our focus is on delivering exceptional cloud and AI services and values to customers.

Leveraging the power of GPUs, Ubitus has developed a broad range of AI solutions, including UbiGPT (Taiwan LLM), Ubi Anchor (AI anchor), Ubi-chan (AI avatar), and UbiArt (image and video generation software). Ubitus is committed to delivering tailor-made solutions designed to meet the diverse requirements of customers in various industries.

Ubitus’ cloud gaming solution enables users to enjoy AAA gaming experiences across devices. Through our comprehensive Game Development Kit (GDK) and game library, we offer a one -stop solution and rapid deployment, catering towards international clients that are interested in cloud gaming.

For Metaverse applications, Ubitus possesses extensive global cloud deployment resources to stream interactive media content for platform operators and digital content developers.

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