UPI: How To Delete Transaction History On Google Pay App

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The article provides insights into Google Pay, a popular digital wallet app facilitating bank-to-bank UPI transactions. It highlights the app’s transaction tracking feature and guides users on deleting their transaction history for privacy concerns. The accompanying FAQs address common queries, including transaction limits and history retrieval issues, along with step-by-step instructions on deleting Google Pay transaction history through the mobile app are provided.

How To Delete Transaction History On Google Pay App

Google Pay, a widely used digital wallet app, is part of Google’s online payment services. It facilitates bank-to-bank UPI transactions, enabling users to send and receive money to and from both Google Pay and non-GPay users, including friends, family, nearby businesses, or other apps.

Tracking Transactions in Google Pay

One of Google Pay’s features is its ability to maintain a record of all transactions and purchases conducted through the app. Users have the option to delete their transaction history if they are concerned about Google retaining or monitoring this data. It’s important to note that even if users delete their Google Pay conversations with other users, Google still retains a copy of their transaction history.

To delete your GPay transaction history through the mobile app, follow these step-by-step instructions:

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