YouTube Music: You Can Soon Play, Sing, Hum Songs To Find Them On Google’s Music Streaming App On Smartphones

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Video streaming application YouTube introduced the hum to search functionality for users in October 2023. A similar feature is now rolling out to users on YouTube Music, according to 9To5Google. On YouTube, the process of searching songs via this mechanism can be used via the search icon and heading to the ‘Song’ tab. After selecting ‘Song’, you can hum, sing or play the song you wish to fetch results for.

The search functionality utilises AI technologies to match results to the song you wish to discover. Users can either tap the mic icon at the top-right corner for results or use the dedicated wave icon next to it for faster results. Users on Reddit claim that the feature is already available on iOS. However, we could not discover the feature across smartphone platforms.

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According to the report, the searches are not saved in a separate playlist like Spotify. Due to its unavailability, it seems the feature is undergoing testing and may be available in the future. Once the feature is released, you can tap the search icon, press “Search a Song”, and hum, sing, whistle or play the song. Similar results should pop up after YouTube ends processing the results.

The feature will be similar to Google Play Music’s ‘Identify what’s playing’ button, which was popular before the company started prioritising YouTube Music. Smartphone users can use Google Search, Assistant or ‘Now Playing’ on Pixel smartphones to search currently playing songs.

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Meanwhile, YouTube Music offers ad-free listening, background playback and music downloads to paid users of the app. The platform is a repository of 100 million official songs and personalised playlists. The monthly individual plan starts from Rs 99, with the annual prepaid one totalling Rs 999. The monthly family and student plans cost Rs 149 and Rs 59.

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