5 Apps Every New Parent Needs To Have Installed

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This is an app that may as well be your own digital logbook. Glow’s AI Baby Tracker is precisely what its name suggests: it keeps track of all that relates to the health, habits, and needs of your baby.

Because a baby’s schedule has no discernibly concrete order, it is sensible to log its sleep patterns, feeding times, and diaper usage, among other things, to achieve a particular order, and this AI-powered Baby Tracker has the ideal features for that. Not only does it follow your baby’s physical progress over time, but it also comes with tools, such as a Breastfeeding Tracker and a Pump Log, for the parents to be well informed to keep their own activities scheduled and organized. It is also a one-stop platform of legitimate answers for questions you constantly find yourself asking as an inexperienced mom or dad, stockpiled with informative articles and tips on baby care.

AI Baby Tracker by Glow is free, but an upgrade to Glow Premium and subscribing to one of the few pricing plans offered will grant you access to more exciting features like the GlowGPT health assistant and premium articles in addition to the ones the free version already supplies. It’s also worthwhile to know that this app is part of an app family of four and that the premium subscription of $59.99 a year works across all four apps.

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