6 Calendar Apps Which Offer AI-Assisted Scheduling

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A productive day starts with a well-planned and organized schedule, and nowadays, it also means having a reliable calendar equipped with AI-assisted scheduling. By using the best AI scheduling assistants, you can improve your time management and boost your productivity.

1. Reclaim AI: Best for Optimized Scheduling Across Your Organization

Reclaim can be a great solution if you struggle with conflicting meetings with coworkers, overlapping tasks, and a never-ending to-do list that makes you spend a lot of time rescheduling your calendar. Reclaim is an AI calendar that leverages artificial intelligence to organize your tasks, breaks, habits, and meetings based on your priorities.

You can sync your existing Google Calendar account to automatically copy all your existing events into Reclaim and add new ones. This allows you to create more productive daily or weekly schedules adapted to your priority levels and availability, so your colleagues know when you are free. Reclaim uses AI to automatically schedule your most critical tasks before filling your calendar with lower-priority items.

One feature that sets this AI scheduling assistant apart is its flexibility and adaptability, as it automatically reschedules your tasks to the next best time whenever there are changes in your schedule, priorities, or overlapping events. Another great feature is that Reclaim AI distinguishes between your tasks (one-time events), habits (recurring events), and meetings.

For instance, it makes it easier to automatically block time for recurrent events (habits) like eating lunch or taking breaks, which helps strengthen your daily routine and improve your work-life balance. Reclaim AI integrates with popular team collaboration tools like Slack and Asana and offers free and various premium plans.

2. Vimcal: Best for Sharing Your Availability and Quick Scheduling

Vimcal's dashboard showcasing the Time Finder feature

Vimcal is an excellent tool for those who spend a lot of time organizing meetings daily and want a quick way to share their availability. Vimcal is an AI scheduler with a beautiful layout and an intuitive and fast user interface that helps you streamline your workflow.

Vimcal’s onboarding process is straightforward, as it starts with a few basic questions and lets you integrate your existing calendar. This AI-powered calendar app has useful features like its multi-time-zone support, allowing you to manage meetings with people across different time zones easily.

Vimcal also has a Focus mode with a timer that helps you use the Pomodoro technique to get ahead at work. The Focus mode has soothing ambient sounds to help you concentrate and stay productive during your work sessions.

However, the cherry on top for Vimcal is its AI Time Finder, which lets you paste other people’s meeting availability preferences, for instance, Calendly links, and automatically finds the most suitable time based on your schedule. This feature saves you time and effort when scheduling meetings with multiple parties, making it a valuable tool for busy professionals.

Vimcal offers a free trial, so you can try its features and see how it can improve your scheduling process.

3. Trevor AI: Best for Planning Your Day and Taking Back Control

Trevor AI's Action Plan

Trevor AI is a daily task planner and scheduling tool that leverages time blocking to help you regain focus and control of your day. Time blocking is an effective time management method where you divide your day into blocks for specific tasks, increasing productivity and reducing distractions.

Trevor’s AI-powered time-blocking feature addresses the common problem of planning and prioritizing tasks in a busy schedule by efficiently allocating time to each task while considering your commitments. You can easily add tasks and use Trevor AI’s smart auto-scheduling feature to schedule tasks automatically based on their priority levels.

If you are unhappy with the schedule, you can easily drag and drop tasks to different time blocks. Trevor AI can also break down large tasks into smaller sub-tasks, making it easier to focus and complete. Next, add due dates and reminders to ensure you never miss a deadline.

Trevor AI has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to visualize your day, week, or month and stay on top of your tasks. It integrates with other productivity tools, such as Google Calendar, Todoist, and Outlook, allowing you to sync your schedule seamlessly.

Trevor AI offers a free plan for personal use and a pro plan for professionals, making it an excellent choice for individuals and businesses.

4. Clockwise: Best for Finding the Right Time for Your Team Meetings

Clockwise's dashboard

Clockwise is an AI-powered calendar and scheduling assistant that aims to protect your productivity by finding the best meeting time. It helps you optimize your workflow by automatically scheduling flexible meetings to minimize conflicts and free up focus time to complete your tasks.

You can regain control of your time by customizing Your ideal day on your dashboard. This includes your work hours, preferred meeting times, ideal focus period, and how much focus time you would like per week. You can also connect your calendar, and manage all your meetings in one place.

Clockwise will schedule meetings accordingly and optimize your calendar to make more time for deep work. Clockwise’s Scheduling links use artificial intelligence to find the best time for everyone on your team, considering factors like focus time, preferred meeting hours, or breaks.

Connect Clockwise with your Slack, Zoom, or Asana accounts to streamline your workflow and minimize distractions. Its Analytics dashboard provides insights into your focus time hours created, conflicts resolved, and schedule assists. Clockwise offers both free and paid plans suitable for teams and businesses.

5. TimeHero: Best for Tracking, Managing, and Planning Tasks

TimeHero's AI scheduling in action

TimeHero aims to help you spend less time planning your tasks and more time working on them. It leverages AI to plan and schedule your tasks automatically based on availability and deadlines.

The best part? It adapts to changes in your schedule, like meeting additions or days off. This is particularly useful if you struggle with planning and prioritizing your workload, ensuring you have more time to complete your tasks.

This AI planner and scheduler is easy to use and integrates with popular tools like Gmail, Slack, and Zoom. To get started, sign up for an account, connect your calendar, add your daily tasks, and let TimeHero plan your day.

You can improve your schedule by adding due dates and priorities, or dragging and dropping tasks into your preferred order. TimeHero offers a seven-day free trial and various pricing plans.

6. BeforeSunset AI: Best for Streamlining Your To-Do Lists

BeforeSunset's dashboard

If you struggle with organizing your to-dos into actionable subtasks and scheduling them, BeforeSunset AI might be the right tool for you. BeforeSunset is an easy-to-use daily planner and AI-powered to-do list app that can help you streamline your to-do lists by creating a specialized schedule based on your calendar commitments.

After synchronizing your calendar and adding your daily personal and work to-dos in their respective categories, you can use its AI Assistant function to Create subtask or Make it actionable. Add tags, priority levels, and due dates to your tasks to prioritize them and track their progress. Next, click on Plan My Day to generate a schedule that uses the time-blocking technique and maximizes your productivity.

Once you have completed your tasks, click Shutdown the day, and it will take you to the Analytics tab to view your to-do accomplishments and other key metrics, helping you gain insights into your productivity. BeforeSunset has a free plan and various pricing options for personal and team use.

Regular calendar or scheduling apps do a decent job of keeping track of your appointments and meetings. However, you still need to do a lot of manual work to create and organize your schedules.

You can use AI-powered solutions to automate these processes while focusing on doing your best work. Try these calendars with AI-assisted scheduling features to plan your to-dos, create personalized schedules, and boost productivity.

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