Body-Inclusive Image Apps : Body Type Range

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In a major step towards inclusivity, Pinterest introduces body type range filters for users searching for women’s fashion and wedding inspiration (currently US, testing in Canada).

This user-centric feature allows individuals to personalize their search results by selecting a preferred body type range, ensuring they see styles catered to a wider range of body shapes and sizes. This innovation is powered by Pinterest’s proprietary body type technology, which analyzes billions of images to identify diverse body types and ensure representative content. Early results indicate a significant 66% increase in user engagement for those utilizing these filters, highlighting the demand for personalized search experiences.

This initiative aligns with Pinterest’s ongoing commitment to fostering an inclusive platform. It complements existing features like skin tone range and hair pattern search, empowering users to curate their search results and discover styles that resonate with them. Pinterest plans to expand body type range filters to men’s fashion later in 2024, with a continuous rollout planned for additional categories and international markets, solidifying its position as a leader in promoting inclusivity within the online search landscape.

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