6 Of The Best Apps For Language Learning In 2024

This isn’t a language-learning app, but it’s definitely an app that’s useful for learning languages. The Kindle store is worldwide, and it’s easy to buy books in a range of languages no matter where you’re buying from. For example, you’ll find the Harry Potter books in almost every language you can think of. Reading practice is super important when learning a language, and the easier it is for you to buy books in your target language, the more you’ll be able to match your reading material with your hobbies and interests.

The Kindle app also has a great feature to aid your reading—dictionaries. For example, German, French, Hindi, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, and Dutch have default foreign language dictionaries available on the Kindle app. With one of these dictionaries set as the default, you can read a book in your target language. When you select a word, it will instantly show its dictionary entry, including the English definition. It’s also possible to buy other Kindle default dictionaries on Amazon and download them on the app. Being able to quickly lookup a word without leaving the app can smooth out your reading experience and make it a lot easier to practice without getting frustrated, and less frustration means less chance of giving up! You can get the app for free on PC, Mac, App Store, and Google Play. Prime members get a library of free titles, and Kindle Unlimited costs $11.99 a month.