Yooz Music BL-303 v3, free TB-303 inspired Synthesizer plugin

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Yooz Music BL-303 v3, the latest update of the free TB-303-inspired synth plugin features improved filter & native Apple Siilicon support

Happy 303 day. It’s the day of the legendary Roland TB-303. A baseline Synthesizer that has massively influenced electronic music. On the 303 day you should give your 303, regardless of whether it is the original, clone or software emulation, love, and jam with pleasure. 

You can download one for free if you don’t have a 303. Yooz Music recently made its BL-303 Synthesizer a free plugin fit for modern systems. It doesn’t have the full feature set of a TB-303, but it offers the sound of one. 

Yooz Music BL-303 v3

Like the previous versions, the BL-303 v3 is a free Synthesizer plugin that emulates the sound of the Roland TB-303. It has no sequencer, no effects, it is purely emulation of the 1-oscillator voice. 

It offers a tuning knob with -1/+1 octave range, saw/pulse waveform, cutoff and emphasis aka resonance. Then, an envelope mod controls the filter modulation, a decay amp envelope, and an accent amount—the features you know from the TB-303. 

Version 3.0 is the latest. It includes an improved and resizable user interface that looks better on screen. The developer has also fine-tuned the filter to behave and sound closer to the original TB-303. A few minor performance and sound improvements are also onboard.

It has native Apple Silicon and Intel support so that you can use it on M computers. There is no built-in sequencer but you get full control over slide and accent, two key elements of the TR-303- This is handeled with MIDI note velocity.

First Impression

It’s nice that the plugin now also works on Apple Silicon computers. It’s not the best 303 emulation out there, but it’s a fun one if you’re looking for 303-style sounds.

Yoozmusic BL-303 v3 is available now as a free download. It requires a free account to get access to the installers. It runs as a VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel) and Windows. 

More information here: Yooz Music

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