An Honest Opinion From an RN

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“I really enjoy the app overall; I look forward to opening it and find it very intuitive and fast. I love how it remembers your previous meals, as I’m constantly repeating stuff and I can throw breakfast or whatever in there in seconds now. The calorie bonus feature on the step counter is very motivating too. I’ll often add walks after dinner just to be sure I go past my daily quota.”

— Mark N., verified user (review from Lose It!)

“I like how Lose It! sends reminders to log in, and I also like how it gives an estimated date of reaching your goal if you stick to it.”

— Musah M., verified user (review from Lose It!)

“The daily notification sent to my phone really helped give me that extra push to commit. It’s not invasive like some other apps — just a quick reminder and I always get on track when I see it. I also enjoy the ‘positive pattern’ notifications. Those always keep me on track and influence more smart decisions. Small features like these can really go a long way.”

— Michael S., verified user (review from Lose It!)

“[I like] how easy it was to create a recipe. The milestones were a nice touch as well. All in all Lose It! was intuitive and made the sometimes daunting task of tracking calories easy!”

— James B., verified user (review from Lose It!)

“I loved the way it gently encourages me to keep on tracking. I also like how it rewards my exercise progress with available calories, although I am finding that I don’t need to use them so much these days.”

— Brenda M., verified user (review from Lose It!)

“The food tracking/scanner is amazing. Also the macro/micro breakdown is insightful. I live by the fasting timer. The email summaries allow me to see short-term progress, and the trends highlight when I enter food keeps me aware of my intake.”

— Craig M., verified user (review from Lose It!)

“I liked the fact that Lose It! allowed me to find all of the foods I consumed or wanted to consume on their site. I could decide if I wanted to eat those foods by just looking at their nutrition facts. I’d say that Lose It! played a very large role in my successful weight loss journey.”

— Audrey S., verified user (review from Lose It!)

“[I like] the ability to see the calories of food I’m about to eat and log it, and the ability to log in my weight and see my progress. I didn’t really have a problem with the kind of food I’m eating, I’ve just been eating too much of it.”

— Robbie H., verified user (review from Lose It!)

“The reminders, 5-lb. milestone celebrations and extensive library of food stats make losing weight fun and easier.”

— Zev H., verified user (review from Lose It!)

“[I like] understanding the difference between healthy, filling calories and empty, worthless calories.”

— Gregory B., verified user (review from Lose It!)

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