Swiss Travel Admin App (FDFA)

The travel appExternal link of the EDA supports travellers in their preparations, providing useful information and services that are not only helpful in the event of a crisis. However, if a crisis does occur, the app can be a particularly valuable tool, such as during the pandemic, when it helped to organise the return travel of Swiss citizens stranded overseas.

Travel Admin is the travel app of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA). It not only helps in the preparation of a trip, but also accompanies you on the way. link

Well planned is half travelled

The app supports optimal travel preparation with the following services:

  • Customisable and expandable checklists
  • Storage location for travel tickets, passport copies or insurance policies
  • Continuously updated travel advice from the FDFA
  • Storage of emergency addresses and emergency contacts
  • Attachment of contact details of fellow travellers
  • Helpline available worldwide and around the clock

The DFA in your luggage

When traveling, the app becomes the FDFA’s service centre: the ministry informs the user via SMS if a crisis occurs in the destination country. At the touch of a button, a sign of life can be sent to your own contacts or the FDFA can be informed about your current location. Addresses, contact details and the website of the nearest Swiss representation can be found immediately. This can then be contacted directly by phone, Skype or e-mail. The emergency numbers of the country of travel (fire department, police, ambulance) are also available.

During the global crisis that the coronavirus set in motion in 2020, the Travel Admin app has been particularly useful. Thanks to the registration of tens of thousands of trips by stranded Swiss tourists in the app, the foreign affairs ministry has managed to bring numerous Swiss citizens back home with repatriation operations since spring 2020.