Application to sell alcohol in West Louisville stores denied

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The Louisville Metro Alcohol Beverage Control has denied an application from Family Dollar to sell alcohol in 13 locations in west and south Louisville.

What You Need To Know

  • Family Dollar applied to sell beer and malt beverages in 13 locations in neighborhoods in west and south Louisville
  • The Louisville Metro Alcohol Beverage Control has denied the application from Family Dollar
  • Two Louisville Metro Council members who opposed the application spoke in support of the rejection at a news conference with Mayor Craig Greenberg, D-Louisville
  • It is the second time in five years Family Dollar has applied to sell alcohol at its stores

In a news conference on Tuesday, Feb. 13, Director of Louisville Metro ABC Brad Silveria confirmed he had notified the Family Dollar corporation of the rejection.

The discount chain applied for a license to sell beer and malt beverages.

It is the second time in five years the company has made the move, with the first one being denied in 2018.

Two Louisville Metro Council members who represent the West End and opposed Family Dollar’s application spoke Tuesday about the rejection.

“We should always listen to the community who put us in these roles,” Councilwoman Tammy Hawkins, D-District 1, said at the news conference.

“The West End neighborhoods are inundated with negative economic development and the people have spoken up and they’re tired,” said Councilwoman Donna Purvis, D-District 5.

“We’re definitely sick and tired of seeing too many liquor stores,” she added. “In addition to the impact that it has on the vision of people, it appears that the sale of liquor leads to despair. We don’t see anything healthy coming out of the sale of liquor.” 

Both councilwomen urged their constituents to speak out against the permit. 

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg, D-Louisville, said, “This was a decision made by ABC based on the law and thankfully it is an outcome that serves our Louisville families in a positive way. I am grateful to every Louisvillian who made their voice heard and to our local leaders for their continued commitment to advocating for our city and our people.”