LG announces new K-pop dance app for smart TVs

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K-pop artists train for years in order to perfect their moves. Now, you can dance like your favorite idols with the help of your LG smart TV. Introducing the 1M HomeDance app.

A collaboration with the iconic 1MILLION Dance Studio, the app, which is launching on LG TVs in 2022, is a go-to destination for K-pop fans looking to finesse their performance skills or learn a specific routine from the industry’s professional choreographers. The 1M HomeDance app provides users with a wide variety of tutorials and dance clips and, if you have a webcam, it even allows you to perform alongside the instructor in “Camera Mode” so that you can really nail that point choreography.

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If you don’t feel like dancing, you can always just sit back and enjoy the hours of content — kind of like watching idol fan cams on repeat, which is what I call a normal Monday night.

LG has been venturing into Korean entertainment for years with free, ad-supported streaming channels like Mubeat, a K-pop music video hub, and YG TV, which offers exclusive content from YG Entertainment — home to Blackpink, BIGBANG, Treasure, and more titanic Korean artists. With the 1M HomeDance app, they’re expanding into one of K-pop’s most coveted sectors: dance and performance.

The choreographers at 1MILLION Dance Studio in Gangnam, Seoul, aren’t your average instructors either. They’re part of the K-pop ecosystem, and they’re some of the industry’s most influential creatives. Co-founder Lia Kim has choreographed for artists like MAMAMOO, Sunmi, Twice, Everglow, I.O.I., and NCT U.

With nearly 25 million subscribers on YouTube, there’s clearly an appetite for 1MILLION’s performance content. So whether you’re looking to master Exo’s “Ko Ko Bop” (good luck!) or just have a little fun, the 1M HomeDance app has something for everyone at all levels.

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