AR Art Projector app for Vision Pro helps you paint and create

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The popular AR Art Projector app from Da Vinci Eye is now available for Apple Vision Pro users. This software helps painters trace their drawings, learn with lessons, and be challenged by daily drawing prompts. It has now entered the spatial computing era.

Previously available for newer iPhones and iPad models, it would bring an AR mode that anchored your image to an object in the real world (such as a canvas) so the drawing and the projected image would stay aligned.

While you would previously need a stand to place your iPhone and iPad, with Apple Vision Pro, you only need to look through the device to see both the image and your canvas mixed together.

The Apple Vision Pro AR Art Projector app was crafted for many months in Cupertino and with this spatial computer in Apple’s NYC Studio for Vision Pro developers.

With that, the app enables users to look at any surface, be it a wall or a piece of paper, and see a transparent picture or stencil perfectly positioned for tracing, sculpting, or cutting.

It offers user-friendly gesture controls for effortless scaling and repositioning of images on any surface and quick-access motions to modify image opacity in real-time, enhancing the drawing process and ensuring a smooth, intuitive experience.

Not only can you apply image filters, but you can deconstruct any photo and turn it into a step-by-step tutorial and more.

According to the developers, the AR Art Projector app “empowers creativity across various artistic and creative mediums, including cake decorating, wood burning, embroidery, and mural art. It’s not just a tool for artists but also an invaluable resource for art therapy, physical rehabilitation, and providing support for artists with visual impairments.”

The app is available for free at the App Store, but it requires a subscription to unlock all the features. Below, you can discover some more apps you should install on this spatial computer.

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