Are Workout Apps Advertised on Instagram Even Worth Downloading?

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These days, browsing Instagram means being inundated with ads that are personally curated depending on the content you engage with. One persistent type of Instagram ad everyone sees (especially around certain times of the year) is for workout apps.

Sometimes ads can tempt you (that’s their intention, after all), especially if you’re feeling vulnerable or curious. If you’ve found yourself wondering whether certain workout apps advertised on Instagram are worth it, this is the guide you’ve been looking for.

Are these apps scams, or are they legit? After trying and testing three workout apps commonly advertised on Instagram, we’ve got the verdict.

1. Everdance

Everdance is (you guessed it) a dance workout app that frequently pops up on Instagram ads. Let’s cut straight to the chase: we didn’t have the best experience with this app.

The first issue with Everdance is how it handles its target audience. The Everdance website claims that the app is “an easy way for every woman to get in touch with her body and mind,” yet the app asks new users to identify themselves from a small selection of “gender types.” Prefer not to say is not an option, but is this really a necessary or appropriate question after the claims it makes on the website?

There also isn’t an option to skip inputting your age or otherwise bypass the lengthy questionnaire to simply get started with the app. In terms of a user-friendly interface, Everdance isn’t off to a good start.

Upon completing said lengthy questionnaire, a Personal Plan is created for you. Yet, as soon as you tap Continue, you’re faced with the subscription page with one clear message: pay or you cannot use it.

Is Everdance Worth Downloading?

The lack of a free trial offer and the rather polarizing set-up of the app (which seems contrary to the welcoming Instagram ad) is off-putting. Even the demonstration video by Everdance is set to private. There is certainly some work to do on the usability and inclusivity of this app.

The thumbnails of the (locked) videos and workouts featured on the app were low-quality, which wipes out any confidence left in Everdance. The link to download Everdance is below, in case you still want to try it. But based on our testing, this app seems like it’s just an Instagram fad and not worth it. Feel free to remove its adverts from your Instagram feed.

Download: Everdance for Android | iOS (Free, subscription required)

2. StretchIt

If you’ve watched Instagram videos on improving your flexibility, then you may have seen the StretchIt ads lurking in your feed. Yet, adverts that promise results in a set amount of time often ring alarm bells.

To set up the StretchIt app, you have to fill out a fairly lengthy questionnaire. But, generally, the questions seem relevant to finding the right stretches for you. Unfortunately, as with Everdance, there’s a gender question with only three options that you can’t skip. The app also requests your weight, but it’s unclear why this is relevant or necessary.

These extensive questions are “required” to create a personalized program for you. Luckily, StretchIt offers a free trial with expiration reminders so that you can make the most of the first seven days before you commit to a subscription. Once you’re set up, you can easily find a class that suits you. StretchIt offers help here, or you can simply browse through the many different classes on offer.

Is StretchIt Worth Downloading?

When put to the test, the StretchIt app seems pretty legitimate. Classes are well-instructed, and the videos are of high quality. It’s easy to customize your classes and programs to fit your ability level too, with helpful images demonstrating what a true beginner, intermediate, or expert can achieve.

You can also access your account and workout videos on the StretchIt website, which is ideal if you prefer using a larger screen. All these features make the StretchIt app worth it. Give the seven-day free trial a go and see for yourself.

Download: StretchIt for Android | iOS (Subscription required, free trial available)

3. Alive by Whitney Simmons

Created by the international brand ambassador for Gymshark and mental health advocate Whitney Simmons, Alive is a fitness and wellness app aimed at women who want to “shape the best versions of themselves mentally and physically.” Influencer-created apps, however, can call to question whether the content offered is legit or just a marketing tool.

The Alive app offers workout programs and daily exercises within a simple-to-use interface. There are two main subscriptions to choose from (following a free trial): Alive at Home for those who like to strength train at home, and Alive Inside, which features HIIT workouts.

There are 12 different workout programs you can follow if you like your schedule to be predetermined. Otherwise, you can pick and choose from over 100 exercises that are split into familiar categories (HIIT, abs, push, and more).

You can also keep a journal (the intended “mental well-being” aspect of the app), and the app is fully compatible with the Apple Watch.

Is Alive by Whitney Simmons Worth Downloading?

Despite being a Gymshark athlete and owning her own fitness app, Whitney Simmons is not a certified personal trainer. She is a fitness influencer popular on social media sites such as Instagram and YouTube. That being said, each exercise is performed carefully by Whitney in instructional videos and both warm-up and cool-down videos can be added to your routine.

The Alive app is intuitive, clean, and attractive. The settings menu is laid out well, and it’s easy to amend notifications and workout settings. For an exercise app that’s created by a fitness influencer with no clear fitness credentials, the price tag that comes with the Alive subscriptions can seem a little hefty.

Take advantage of the free trial to see if Alive is worth it for you. Alternatively, you can find reputable fitness content from certified trainers elsewhere online.

Download: Alive by Whitney Simmons for Android | iOS (Free 7-day trial, subscription thereafter)

Are Any Workout Apps Advertised on Instagram Worth It?

Are Instagram advertised workout apps worth it

We’ve only tested a few workout apps that you’ve probably seen advertised on Instagram, but there are plenty more that will grace your feed in time. Out of the three workout apps we reviewed, the StretchIt app seemed to be the most legitimate, with high-quality instructional videos and good customization options.

Alive by Whitney Simmons was great during the free trial period but seemed a little expensive for an influencer-creator app without a fitness certification. The Everdance app just isn’t an accessible option.

Do Your Research Before Trusting Online Fitness Plans

If you’re wondering if an Instagram-advertised workout app is worth it, check out whether it offers a free trial before signing up. Reviews can be helpful, but ultimately you’ll only be able to decide whether you enjoy a workout app by trying it yourself.

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