Blue Bubbles Drama, As Apple Is Playing Whack A Mole With iMessages App for Android

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One thing is clear, Apple does not care about the green bubble drama and won’t help Android users in any way. Remember when Tim Cook told you to “buy your mom an iPhone”?  Now, the company is playing whack a mole with an iMessage Android app.

The Beeper Mini app was a hyped way to let you use iMessaging on an Android but, obviously, Apple would do anything to shut it down.

Launched last week, Beeper Mini promised to let you get iMessage blue bubbles on Android but Apple quickly took it down. Then, the team behind Beeper modified the app to comply with Apple’s rules, and now Beeper Mini is live.

How does this iMessage app for Android work? 

In the image above you can see the list of features promised. The developers of Beeper explained how Beeper Mini works here but things changed since Apple started trying to shut it down.

Since Beeper Mini runs against Apple’s desires, it will probably get taken down. 

Even the Beeper developers couldn’t remain quiet in the face of unfairness. They accused Apple of “1984-esque doublespeak” for sending out a FUD statement (fear, uncertainty, doubt) when Apple told The Verge they considered Beeper Mini a security risk. 

Still, while it’s up, Beeper Mini lets you use iMessages if you sign in with your Apple ID. 

When it launched last week, you could use it with your phone number, like WhatsApp or Signal, but that feature was taken away and the developers say they’re working on a way to add it back.

Hopefully, they’ll manage to keep this app alive… or Apple relents and does what everyone wants them to do.

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