Major motorsports development in Howell to soft launch this summer

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(CBS DETROIT) – A significant development in Howell is set for a soft opening early this summer. In a few months, it will become a multimillion-dollar haven for motorsports enthusiasts. 

Motorsports Gateway Howell aims to do for motorsport enthusiasts what country clubs did for golf, said Jordan Dick, who is a co-owner of the development with his father. 

“We’re excited to bring a place for like-minded individuals to be able to come and enjoy their treasured vehicles, connect with like-minded individuals, and just have a place to be,” Dick said. 

In total, the project costs upwards of $100 million and will include garage condos, two tracks that can be combined for about three miles of raceway, and an automotive innovation park. Dick said that the city has really embraced the project so far. 

“I think that it captures the community, and one of the things I thought was unique about it was his commitment to keep Howell, Howell and not really change it,” said Howell City Manager Erv Suida. “[Dick] fell in love with the downtown, our historic community, and just really didn’t look to change it but supplement it with this development.”

The new development is about five minutes south of downtown Howell and will cover about 273 acres of land. Additionally, the garage condos will allow you to store your vehicle and have a track-front view for a little less than $500,000.

“It’s really what golf country clubs have done for the golf community. But we’re just doing it for motorsports now,” Dick said. 

One Howell resident who didn’t want to be on camera did note some concerns over the changes in traffic and congestion for a road that is already very busy. 

If everything goes to plan, the development will have a soft launch this summer. 

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