Camila Cabello admits to ‘wandering eye’ amidst relationship struggles

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Camila Cabello reconciliation with Shawn Mendes ends in realization.

Camila Cabello recently opened up about her struggles in maintaining long-term relationships in the past.

Reflecting on her romantic history, she admitted to experiencing a shift after reaching “the year-and-a-half mark” in a relationship, where she tends to develop what she described as “the wandering eye.”

In an interview with Star magazine, the Senorita singer elaborated on the complexities she faces in her industry, noting the abundance of intriguing individuals she encounters.

Confirming her single status, the singer, who was previously involved with Shawn Mendes from 2019 to 2021, with a brief rekindling last year, shared that she has contemplated the idea of exploring online dating platforms.

The former Fifth Harmony member expressed uncertainty about meeting potential partners amidst her busy life, pondering the idea of turning to dating apps.

She admitted to being selective and emphasized her disinterest in hook-up culture highlighting the importance of a genuine connection beyond physical attraction.

More recently, she sparked speculation of a romance with rapper Drake after they were spotted together in the Caribbean.

However, during a recent podcast appearance, Cabello opened up about her brief reconciliation with Shawn Mendes and her realization that their relationship wasn’t the right fit.

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