E.l.f. Cosmetics launches beauty shopping app for Apple Vision Pro

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Beauty brand E.l.f. Cosmetics has launched one of the first beauty shopping apps for Apple’s new spatial computer Vision Pro, which aims to blend “digital content with the physical space around you”.

The “Your best E.l.f.” VisionOS app includes features designed specifically for Apple Vision Pro’s three-dimensional (3D) user interface that users control with intuitive hand and eye movements to create a multi-sensory, immersive experience.

The app encourages users to “unwind and explore the best versions of themselves through playful, inspirational environments” designed to contextualise an assortment of 3D E.l.f. products.

In addition to shopping via Apple Pay, users can also participate in relaxing activities, such as guided meditations, stretching exercises and an interactive ‘paint by numbers’ game.

Ekta Chopra, chief digital officer at E.l.f. Beauty, said in a statement: “`Your best E.l.f.’ is a game-changing beauty experience that welcomes users to relax, de-stress and focus on being their best self.

“Partnering with Obsess to launch one of the first beauty shopping apps for Apple Vision Pro is an evolution for our brand, which has always been digitally-led. We are champions for innovation and new technology platforms. The decision to launch on Apple Vision Pro is not only natural for us; it is critical to continue to meet our community – and entertain them – wherever they are.”

There are three distinct environments – Camo Cove, Big Mood and Halo Glow, which have each been themed after an E.l.f. holy grail product available for sale within the app. Each environment enables users to experience E.l.f. in a way that has not been possible before with other devices, as all products and scenes have been modelled in 3D and rendered at a 4K display.

Neha Singh, chief executive and founder of Obsess, added: “We know that emotional connection plays a large role in consumer decision-making, and that’s the intention behind the E.l.f. app for Apple Vision Pro.

“The `Your best E.l.f.’ is a space where the E.l.f. community can indulge in a deeper relationship with the brand through immersive exploration and branded games. Offering users an entirely new way to engage with the brand, the app paves the way for a new era of spatial shopping and immersive storytelling for beauty.”

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