Fitness Apps That Can Transform Your Health | by techlingular | Feb, 2024

Tracking Health & Fitness Data

I’m using apps to track daily health and fitness activities and draw data insights. Finding great apps takes research, trial and error. So after doing just that, here are ones that seem to work the magic for me!

Health — because sharing my health data with various apps is easy.

MyFitnessPal — I can log my diet, recipes, exercises, and health metrics all in one place. LOVE it!

Strava — this one is ideal for outdoor workouts (cycling, running, walking, and so on) and helps to achieve bigger and more competitive goals. Also, it’s a place for fitness cheer.

Cashwalk — gives me access to fitness challenges and I be part of a community. Great for accountability partners. YES!

Sweatcoin — earns me fitness rewards in cryptocurrency. I love that sweatcoins can be donate to causes!

Paceline — keeps things simple and rewards me each time I achieve a major streak (active weeks) as long as I meet my weekly goal.

Evidation — contributes to health and fitness research. They also reward users and it syncs with apps like MyFitnessPal, Health, and more. It’s also very different from the rest.