The 10 Fitness Apps That Make You Want to Exercise

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Ah, January. The month of committing to self-improvement, spending a small fortune on a gym membership, and feeling guilty for not going enough. This year, we have a better idea: Download one of these exercise apps and find a workout you love that you can do on your own terms and timeline. Then, if you need some elevated workout gear to get you extra inspired, shop our favorite workout dresses and matching sets here. And if you need even more encouragement: Remember that even 10 minutes of working out per day could have astronomical effects, according to new research. So, scroll on and get ready to break a sweat. (While you’re at it, try to avoid these six common exercise mistakes, too.)



This easy-to-use app offers all the perks of a fitness studio from the privacy of, well, anywhere. Simply choose the type of workout you want—options include HIIT, boxing, Pilates, and barre—and start working virtually with a personal trainer. You can pay by session or buy a package of four, eight, or 12. FlexIt also offers virtual physical therapy, nutritional coaching, meditation and mindfulness classes, and pre- and post-natal support.

try flexit here



Basic in the best way, this app offers a large selection of straightforward body-weight training, weight lifting, and cardio classes. Here’s the cool twist: The more you work out, the more customized your plan becomes. Fitbod utilizes algorithms to analyze your workout history and suggest specific improvements and new exercises you may benefit from.

try Fitbod here



Ideal for the easily bored, Obé has a library of over 10,000 on-demand classes of all different modalities and lengths. Post-pandemic, the company noticed that people are looking for more bespoke programs, and it has expanded to meet the need. Now members can complete a questionnaire about their goals, preferred workout types, time commitment, and unique needs. The app synthesizes the data into personalized programs incorporating strength training, cardio, flexibility, and self-care practices.

try Obé here



Now you can have an elite trainer at your fingertips 24-7. After answering an in-depth questionnaire, you get paired with a pro who designs a plan that addresses your goals and accommodates your lifestyle (including what kinds of activities you like, where you’re working out, and what equipment you have). Along with a weekly program outlining exactly what to do, you get audio coaching delivered to your app to listen to while you work out. Future’s app tracks your progress and sees what workouts you finish (and don’t), allowing your trainer to fine-tune your routine as you progress.

try Future here

The Underbelly

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If you’ve previously avoided yoga because of the abundance of Alo-clad, bendy types at your local studio, get ready for a new type of workout with inclusivity at its core. Jessamyn Stanley, who describes herself as “Black, fat, queer,” founded the platform when she couldn’t see anyone who looked like her in the wellness world. Alongside yoga classes for all bodies, membership includes access to meditation and breathwork classes.

try The Underbelly here

Couch to 5K Runner

couch to 5k icon

In search of that elusive runner’s high? This app promises to take you from zero to hero—or, more accurately, from your sofa to your local park. Perfect for beginners or those coming back after a long hiatus, it’s baby steps all the way as you build on short interludes of jogging and walking until you reach your goal. Features a tailored-to-you workout program and a cheery voice coach.

try Couch to 5k Runner Here

The Body Coach

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If you need a trainer with personality, Joe Wicks is your guy. The app will guide you through structured HIIT and strength-training workouts, whatever your current level, and also features live workouts, a 28-day movement challenge, and recipes you’ll actually want to cook. The best bit? Beginner levels only need a workout mat, since most exercises utilize body weight rather than bulky equipment.

try The Body Coach here

Revolution Motherhood

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For all the mamas-to-be and new mamas rebuilding their strength, this app offers a three-stage program that incorporates Pilates, barre, meditation, soft foam rolling, cardio, and yoga. Pick your own workout, livestream a class, or follow one of the three phased programs—including one designed to help heal stretched-out abdominal muscles.

try Revolution Motherhood here


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With 81 percent of people with disabilities saying they don’t feel welcome in fitness spaces, the friendly, accessible Kibu is a breath of fresh air. Although technically not an app, this platform features a library of dance, yoga, cheerleading, and fitness classes for people with all levels of ability, plus daily livestream options.

try Kibu here


peloton icon

You don’t need a bike or a treadmill to enjoy a Peloton class. The app offers thousands of barre, Pilates, shadowboxing, outdoor running, HIIT, and strength classes, with boredom-crushing soundtracks—Beyoncé-themed power yoga, anyone? You can even watch Oprah, Gayle, and some Oprah Daily staffers on a “hike” (though you’ll need access to a treadmill for that one).

try Peloton here

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