Get Your Groove On With These 10 Fun Online Dance Classes

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Besides being a fun and enjoyable activity, dancing has tons of physical and mental health benefits. A few benefits of dancing can include improved fitness, reduced stress, and better bone strength.

So, now that you know dancing is amazing for you, would you like to give it a go? There are plenty of excellent online dance classes you can try without leaving the house. Read on to find the perfect dance class for you, whether you’ve never danced before or you’ve been dancing your whole life.

In spite of the fact that STEEZY does not offer live dance classes, it does offer one of the most comprehensive selections of dance styles available. So you can learn pretty much any type of dance, from popping and locking to salsa and even K-pop dance classes.

It’s easy to learn to dance with STEEZY’s classes, as you can switch views, loop moves, change the speed, and lots more. Try the week-long trial to see what you like and download the STEEZY mobile app to dance on the go.

CLI Studios is a great place to hone your dance technique and work with renowned choreographers if you’re already a dancer. Some of the choreographers have even worked with stars like Beyoncé and Justin Bieber.

There is something for everyone at CLI Studios, whether you love hip-hop, tap dance, jazz funk, or musical theater. Also, CLI Studios offers training classes for dance teachers who want to keep up with the latest techniques and improve their dance studios.

What makes 305 At Home different is that you need absolutely no experience to take part in their classes. It’s all about having fun and joining the party! 305 At Home features a wide range of live and on-demand classes, where you can enjoy sweating along to tunes by a live DJ.

Search for a class based on your favorite instructor or how much time you have available. Alternatively, each class indicates the difficulty level and exercise equipment you need. You can even attend a real 305 class at a studio in Miami, New York City, or Washington DC.

Do you want to feel like you’re dancing alongside others in a studio, but you’re really in your living room? The DanceBody platform supplies fun and lively dance classes that give you a heart-pounding, calorie-blasting workout at the same time.

DanceBody’s on-demand collection offers two main types of classes–cardio and sculpt dance classes. Furthermore, there are also classes to help moms-to-be stay active. What makes DanceBody stand out from the rest is the schedule of constant live classes multiple times a day.

Jazzercise is truly the original dance-cardio program. It is a method of exercise that people have been enjoying for more than 50 years. Jazzercise On Demand combines dance with various forms of exercise, including kickboxing, HIIT, and strength training.

Sign up to take advantage of the free trial, where you can try numerous classes—whether you’re looking for challenges and programs or classes suited for beginners. Apart from being fun, Jazzercise On Demand’s classes are ideal if you’ve got weight loss goals and you want to see quick results.

Megan Roup, who danced for the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets Dance Team, created The Sculpt Society. Megan’s dance classes are fitness-focused and aim to get you strong and toned using a combination of exercise and dance.

The Sculpt Society offers a range of programs, including the Advanced Program if you’re looking for a challenge or the Beginner Intermediate Program if you’re just starting your weight loss journey. Moreover, you can shop online for fitness products like the TSS hand weights, ankle weights, booty bands, and sliders.

From flash mobs and themed classes to Power, One, and Fusion classes, Oula has it all! Oula even provides you with a full schedule of live classes that add a sense of community. But Oula offers so much more than dance classes.

Oula is also a place where you can find a variety of channels. For instance, the mindfulness channel, which offers journal prompts, and even a podcast called Mind-Body Stuff. Additionally, if you want to have a go at turning your living room into a dance studio, try Oula’s 14-day trial.

Forward Space is a fusion of cardio dance, athletic training, and moving meditation. And now, Forward Space boasts a virtual hub where you can move and groove from the comfort of your own home. However, if you’d prefer to take an actual dance class, you can join Forward Space in New York City.

Their on-demand online dance classes are diverse, with some primarily being done on the floor and others only being eight minutes long. Moreover, you can end your dance class with a short guided meditation session to help you wind down. The best bit? Forward Space promises to plant a tree for every membership purchased.

If you’re looking for a quick and simple online dance class, you’d best look elsewhere. Dancio provides dance classes that fundamentally focus on the most important elements of dance, such as technique and form.

On Dancio’s platform, you’ll find an ample collection of online classes covering three main styles of dance: ballet, modern and contemporary. When you aren’t sure which dance class would be best for you, you can take an online quiz. What’s more, you can book a private one-on-one session with one of the teachers.

One day you might want to take an online dance class, but another time you might want to try something else. That’s where Booya Fitness comes into the picture. Booya Fitness gives you access not only to dance but a selection of other online fitness classes, like barre, cardio kickboxing, HIIT, yoga, and even trampoline cardio.

The dance classes available come in a range of styles, including jazz, pop, and ballet. Plus, Booya Fitness is one of the few platforms where you can take part in ethnic dance classes. For example, The Bollywood Workout by BollyX or Bhangra Burn by Masala Bhangra.

The Best Online Dance Classes to Get a Killer Workout

Dance is an excellent form of self-expression. It allows you to be creative, throw all your cares away, and set your body free. Yet, dance is also great if you want to burn some calories and get a good workout. In fact, dancing could be one of the best forms of exercise!

With all the online dance classes available nowadays, it’s possible to transform your home into a dance studio and get fit without leaving the house. From ballet and ballroom dancing to hip-hop and jazzercise, which online dance class will you try?

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