How to change the primary language on the web and mobile apps

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Amazon operates all over the world with dedicated websites for many countries. The Amazon website and app display in a language relevant to your region. However, you can set Amazon to use another language from the website or the mobile app. Amazon doesn’t make every language available in every region. If you want to switch to a language that’s not common in your region, change your region. We show you how to change the language on Amazon using various devices, including a PC, a tablet, or a budget Android phone.

Before you get started

Before you change the language on Amazon, note that some website features or communications may not be available in your preferred language. Also, changing the language settings on the desktop site does not carry over to the mobile app, and vice versa.

If you’ve chosen a preferred language but the website displays in a different language, make sure you’re logged in to the same Amazon website where you set your language preference.

To set Amazon in a language that isn’t available in your region, change your region. This change doesn’t apply to your mobile app. Instead, Amazon opens the store with the new region and language in your mobile browser.

When you switch your region, things like sellers, currency, and available products might change depending on where you choose. You’ll see prices in the currency of the region you pick. Amazon shows products that can be shipped to your current region unless you also change your account’s address.


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How to change the language on Amazon mobile app

Amazon allows you to change your language preference on the mobile app if you select a language that’s available in your region. For example, those in the US can choose from English or Spanish. We show how to do that using an Android phone. The steps are the same for a tablet or an iPhone.

1. Open the Amazon app on your smartphone.

2. Tap the three-line icon in the lower-right corner.

3. Scroll down and select Country & Language.

4. To change your Amazon app’s language, select a language with your country’s flag next to it. If you want to use Amazon in a language unavailable in your region, select it from the list. Amazon opens a store with a new language in your web browser.

How to change the language on the Amazon website

You can change the language on the Amazon website from the homepage. Here’s how to do that on Amazon’s desktop site:

1. Go to the Amazon website on your desktop and log in to your account

2. Click the flag icon at the top of the page. You’ll see options for changing your preferred language. Choose your preferred language from the available options.

Screenshots showing language settings on Amazon desktop

3. Tap Save changes.

4. If you don’t see your preferred language, go back to the homepage and hover over the flag icon.

5. Select Change country/region.

Screenshot showing Amazon homepage language options

6. Click the drop-down menu to select the country or region where your preferred language is spoken.

Screenshot showing option to change region and country on Amazon

7. After selecting the country or region, hover over the flag icon to select the language you want.


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Use Amazon with ease

You can navigate Amazon effectively by changing it to your preferred language. To further improve your shopping experience, learn how to create a wishlist on Amazon and share it with friends and family. You can also archive Amazon orders to hide them from those who share your account.

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