This AI will make a video of you dancing from just one photo

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A new AI app can create a video of you dancing from a single photograph.

As BGR reports, the technology is the product of a collaboration between researchers and Microsoft, and Tan Wang’s research team at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

The model, titled Disentangled Control for Referring Human Dance Generation in Real World (DisCo), splits the inputted image into three parts: the background, foreground and the person’s pose.

From there, it combines that information with data from the TikTok dance videos the AI has trained on in order to generate a clip of you dancing to a specific song.

It is said that DisCo may use information from your own dance videos on the social media platform should you have uploaded any previously. However, you will never know if the AI had access to your posts.

The technology could be used to help people learn or practice a certain dance routine, but could also result in fake content making its way onto TikTok.

In the future, DisCo and similar apps may be used to preview complicated choreographies for shows and projects that involve real humans. TV and film studios could even opt for AI-generated dancers as an alternative to hiring real performers.

A TikTok user recently made a video that saw “statues come to life” with the power of AI – check out the clip below.

Earlier this month, it emerged that Hollywood studios had proposed to use artificial intelligence to scan the faces of extras and use their likeness in perpetuity.

John Cusack later hit out at the idea, tweeting: “Do you think they will stop with extras? That’s what AI is — a giant copywrite identity theft [and] criminal enterprise.”

Elsewhere, the controversial proposal was likened to the subject of a new episode of Black Mirror.

Some people have also voiced their concerns over Marvel‘s new series Secret Invasion because it features an AI-generated opening credit sequence, instead of the work of human animators.

Additionally, there has been an influx of music-orientated AI projects since the rise of ChatGPT including a fake “lost” Oasis album. More recently, Paul McCartney said that artificial intelligence had allowed him to create a “final” song by The Beatles.

Bad Seeds frontman Nick Cave previously described the concept as “a grotesque mockery of what it is to be human”, and later stated that he wanted AI platforms like ChatGPT to “fuck off and leave songwriting alone”.

Other artists to have weighed in on the issue include Noel Gallagher, Sting and Grimes. The latter singer has given fans permission to use her voice on AI-created tracks, and suggested that Spotify introduce a section for music generated by the tech.

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