ICO urges all app developers to prioritise privacy

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The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is issuing a reminder to all app developers regarding the paramount importance of safeguarding users’ privacy, following its examination of period and fertility apps.

In its recent review, the ICO meticulously scrutinized period and fertility apps to assess their handling of personal data and ascertain any potential adverse effects on users.

The review involved direct communication with various app providers to delve into their privacy protocols, alongside engaging with app users to gauge their experiences.

While the review did not uncover any significant compliance issues or evidence of harm, the ICO is emphasising the need for all app developers to prioritise the protection of users’ personal information, particularly when sensitive data is involved.

Emily Keaney, Deputy Commissioner Regulatory Policy, emphasized the significance of ensuring users’ peace of mind regarding data security when using apps, especially those related to health and wellness. Users should feel confident that their data is safeguarded and that they only share necessary information.

Keaney reiterated that while no evidence of harmful data usage was found in period and fertility apps, the review underscored areas where developers could enhance transparency and data protection practices.

To assist app developers in complying with data protection regulations and upholding user privacy, the ICO has shared four practical tips:

1. Be Transparent: Developers must ensure their apps transparently communicate how they utilize users’ personal information, including purposes for processing, retention periods, and sharing practices, in concise, clear, and accessible terms.

2. Obtain Valid Consent: Genuine consent must be obtained from users, involving a real choice and explicit, unambiguous actions to opt-in. Pre-ticked boxes or default consent methods are not permissible, and users should have easy means to withdraw consent.

3. Establish the Correct Lawful Basis: Developers must determine the appropriate lawful basis for processing personal data, considering the specific purposes and context of data processing. A tailored approach, rather than a one-size-fits-all method, is essential.

4. Be Accountable: App developers acting as data controllers must take responsibility for the personal information they manage. They should ensure compliance with data protection laws and implement appropriate measures to ensure lawful data processing.

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