Japanese navigation app NAVITIME links to Uber taxi app for inbound travelers

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NAVITIME Japan has launched linkage of ‘Japan Travel NAVITIME,’ a navigation app for inbound travelers, with Uber taxi app.

When searching for a route, if Uber taxi is available in the departure point, an Uber icon can be displayed on the route, and a user is redirected to the Uber app. As the route result and location information on ‘Japan Travel NAVITIME’ can be linked to the Uber app, a taxi can be dispatched without re-inputting riding location and a destination, and taxi fare can be confirmed in advance, 

‘Japan Travel NAVITIME’ is a navigation app exclusively for inbound travelers to Japan, offering a variety of functions, such as door-to-door route searching, walking or car navigation, spot searching, travel planning, model planning or even booking of hotels or activities. 

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