Top language learning apps monthly downloads 2023

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Mobile-first and highly gamified Duolingo is the market leader in language learning apps. In January 2023, the app experienced a peak in downloads, reaching over 13.8 million downloads during the first month of the year from global downloads. Duolingo entered the public market at the end of July 2021, and despite being removed from several app stores in China at the beginning of August 2021, this mighty language learning app and its green own mascot reported over 8.7 million global downloads during that month. In comparison, the popular app South Korean language learning app Cake successfully tapped into the mobile video craze captivating users in the latest years: with its YouTube video excerpts from popular films and TV, the app amassed 890 thousand downloads in September 2023.
The popularity of language learning apps is heavily affected by seasonal changes, with users feeling more motivated to learn a new language in the first months of the year, or in the back-to-school months. In September 2023, the leading mobile apps for language acquisition and practice generated more than 27.6 million app downloads from users worldwide.

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