Over 300 Agencies Join Within First Month

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In a significant development for the influencer marketing sector, HashFame has reported an exceptional response following its launch, with over 300 agencies signing up in the first month. This surge in registrations highlights the demand for a more efficient and direct approach to influencer marketing, which HashFame is poised to meet.

HashFame distinguishes itself through a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of connecting with influencers. By offering direct access to influencers across more than 80 categories and 50+ cities, the platform facilitates quick and effective collaborations between agencies and social media creators. This efficiency is crucial for campaigns that are time-sensitive and budget-conscious.

The app has been positively received by users across the spectrum, from small agencies to larger corporations. Feedback includes Ashish from FCB Kinnect noting the platform’s simplification of influencer discovery and outreach, Anchita from VoxxyMedia commenting on its ability to facilitate easy contact access and workflow efficiency, Dakshit from RVCJ recognizing it as a beneficial tool for both influencer marketers and influencers, and Poonam at Bartergram finding it a useful resource for obtaining creators’ contacts, reflecting the platform’s functional appeal in the influencer marketing sector.

Initial metrics from HashFame show a 40% reduction in the time agencies spend finding and engaging with suitable influencers for their campaigns. Furthermore, the platform has demonstrated a high engagement rate, with more than 90% of contact attempts leading to productive conversations about collaboration opportunities.

Anirudh Sridharan, Head of Product & Growth, HashFame, said, “We recognized the challenges in influencer marketing and focused on creating a solution that facilitates direct and effective connections between agencies and creators. Our approach has been to simplify these interactions, remove any fluff. Looking ahead, we’re excited about introducing relevant features to further aid and enhance these collaborations.”

Following its successful launch, HashFame plans to expand its database of influencers and introduce AI-driven features to enhance matchmaking between agencies and influencers. These developments aim to solidify HashFame’s position as a key player in the influencer marketing ecosystem.

About HashFame App:

HashFame is a vetted creator network that prioritizes direct connections between marketers (agencies & brands) and creators. HashFame is harnessing the power of its vast network of 70,000+ creators across a wide range of categories, all within an elite, invite-only framework

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