PlayStation App Allowing Users to View Unlocked In-Game Content

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The PlayStation App might be overlooked by a large number of players, but Sony continues to improve its user experience. In its latest app update, the company added a “Lore” section, beta testing the ability to allow players to view in-game content that they unlocked during gameplay.

New PlayStation App update should make collectible hunts more convenient

As noted by Reddit user noggs891, the update went live at some point this morning and they noticed a Lore section for The Last of Us Part II. At the moment, this is the only game that a few players have confirmed seeing the section for, but it sounds like Sony will understandably be limiting this feature to first-party games.

You can view screenshots of the Lore section courtesy of noggs891 below:

Although not a necessary feature, it’s quite a neat addition to the PlayStation App. For starters, this should make the hunt for collectibles a tad easier if players don’t want to flip through a bunch of in-game menus to figure out what they’ve yet to unlock as well as view items they’ve already unlocked.

Time will tell if Sony will roll the Lore section out widely, but we wouldn’t be opposed to it!

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