Soulver 3 natural language calculator app comes to iPhone

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As I’ve written in the past, Soulver is one of my must-have apps on the Mac and iPad. It’s essentially a smart notepad calculator, with live data, natural language calculations, and more. Starting this week, Soulver is now available on the iPhone.

Soulver 3 for iPhone

Soulver is described as a “smart replacement for your calculator app.” It gives instant answers to calculations in your text, allowing you to type out equations and words in natural language. It can best be described as a hybrid between a calculator app and a text editor. 

Soulver is great as a simple calculator replacement. But it really shines when you use it to explore different scenarios and experiment with numbers. You can use words and numbers alongside each other and you almost never encounter an error. And all your work is automatically saved for you so you can reference it later.

Soulver is an app that’s integral to my workflow on the Mac, and the addition of an iPhone app makes it all the more useful. Soulver was available on the iPhone years ago, but this marks the first time that Soulver 3.0 has been available on the platform.

The iPhone version of Soulver packs all the features you’d expect. There’s also a new number pad for quick currency conversions, date and time math, and more.

Soulver for iPhone is available on the App Store with a free 30-day trial. From there, the app is a one-time purchase of $14 on iPhone, $20 on iPad, and $34.99 on Mac. There’s also an optional subscription of $26/year that unlocks additional live data and ChatGPT 4 integration.

John Voorhees at MacStories has an in-depth review of Soulver on iPhone that I recommend checking out for more details.

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