Sreya Halder on virtual reality and consumer fashion apps

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Founder’s Campfire is a new podcast show created and hosted by Tran Le, a senior at Stanford studying computer science, for The Stanford Daily. Through reflective conversations with early founders, Le hopes to build a community of founders focused on reflection, sharing and growth at Stanford and beyond. Whether you’re a founder, dreamer, investor or simply a curious listener, there’s a place for you around the campfire. Tune in bi-weekly as she shares stories, insights and lessons from entrepreneurs.

In the first episode of Founder’s Campfire, Sreya Halder, a master’s student in computer science at Stanford, discusses with host Tran Le her experience building Club Cardinal, which attracted thousands of Stanford users. She also delves into how her personalized wardrobe avatar app went viral, amassing over 180,000 downloads, and her decision to pursue her passion for fashion full-time after graduating from Stanford by developing an AI-powered personalized shopping app. Le dives deep into the pivotal decisions in Sreya’s entrepreneurial journey: turning down an offer from Pear VC, choosing to focus full-time on her startup after a summer internship at AWS and selecting the right co-founder and pre-seed fund to collaborate with.

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