The 6 Best Sticky Note Apps That Sync With Your PC

How often do you forget an idea if you don’t write it down? This isn’t a rare phenomenon, especially if you live a busy life like everybody else.

A sticky notes app offers a fast and efficient way to capture your thoughts. You can’t control when you next get a new idea—that’s why this list covers apps to access your notes wherever you are, whether you’re on your mobile, tablet, or PC. Here are the best sticky note apps that sync notes with your PC.

Microsoft’s Sticky Notes app is a quick and easy way to capture your ideas across multiple devices. It offers a range of basic formatting options with extra features like adding images to your notes.

This app comes pre-installed on all Windows 10 and 11 machines. To access the app, just type Sticky Notes from the Start Menu. You can choose from various colors for the new note and start typing instantly. There’s no limit to how many notes you can open—you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + N to create a new sticky note and easily resize and drag notes around your desktop for a seamless workflow.

Syncing is done through your Microsoft account, making this app so versatile. To access your sticky notes on mobile, just open the Microsoft OneNote app. All your sticky notes are in the Home tab, with real-time syncing to keep your ideas fresh and updated wherever you are.

You’ll find some extra features on mobile, including a text-to-speech tool and the option to share notes. To explore more options, check out these tips and tricks for Windows Sticky Notes.

Download: Microsoft OneNote for Android | iOS (Free)

Notezilla PC app notes browser

Notezilla is an impressive sticky notes app compatible with Windows 10 and 11 machines and Android and iOS devices. All your notes can be synced across devices by creating a Notezilla Sync Account via the mobile app.

This app is built so you’ll never have to remember anything again. You can organize your sticky notes using both tabs and folders, and you can create detailed reminders. There’s also a range of customization features, including multiple heading sizes, tables, inline checklists, and bulleted lists.

Editing is effortless in Notezilla: you can convert an entire note to a checklist format and copy a sticky note to your clipboard. You can also lock notes by setting a master password for added security.

The Notezilla desktop app also offers some unique features for effortless note-taking. You can Roll Up sticky notes using the shortcut Ctrl + O and pin notes to your desktop or memo board. Notezilla offers a seamless way of using sticky notes on your desktop.

Download: Notezilla for Windows | Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

Lucidspark canvas with annotated sticky notes

Lucidspark is owned by the same company as the highly-popular diagram software Lucidchart. This app lets you share sticky notes using a virtual whiteboard interface with your team members. Inviting others is as simple as hitting the Share button on a new board space to send a link, add an email address, or generate a Join ID.

You can add multiple tags to sticky notes and give emoji reactions. This is great for brainstorming as a group if your team is working remotely. You can see others’ edits in real-time and even add comments.

Lucidspark offers a flexible and dynamic editing approach. You can connect sticky notes using several arrows, and there’s a drawing tool to annotate notes on your whiteboard.

The mobile features work just as smoothly as using the web app. You can easily navigate around your board using simple touch and pinching gestures and add text to notes by double tapping. You can also rotate shapes and access a comprehensive library of fonts and font colors to give your board a full creative scope.

With dozens of templates to choose from and many features to collaborate on in real-time, Lucidspark is guaranteed to improve your team’s productivity and communications—two of the essentials you need to enhance your remote team’s performance.

Download: Lucidspark for Windows | Android | iOS (Free, subscriptions available)

Miro Sticky Notes Board with Sticky Templates

Miro is another visual collaboration tool for sharing ideas with others. You can use the app on mobile and in your desktop browser. The app is free to use but offers paid subscription plans with extra features such as custom templates and a video chatting platform.

The mobile app creates a smart editing environment with several advanced gesture controls. These include zooming into a specific spot, editing an object, and selecting multiple items simultaneously. This way, you can easily navigate around your ideas even if you’re using a small mobile device.

One of the app’s top features is its OCR tool which converts handwritten notes to text. You can access this feature by tapping the plus (+) icon and the Stickies Capture button. Another smart feature is the Sticky Templates library, which offers a set of sticky note packs that you can bulk add to your display.

Miro also allows you to easily share your work with your team using its tool. You can set your sharing preferences before going live to keep your presentation secure. Then, it’s as simple as inviting people via Gmail or Slack to start collaborating.

Download: Miro for Windows | macOS | Android | iOS (Free, subscriptions available)

Mural sticky notes canvas

If you’re looking for a fast and efficient way to create sticky notes on all your devices, Mural has you covered. Mural offers a quick way to capture your ideas using a selection of sticky note types, including square, rectangular, and circular notes.

Organization and efficiency are two of the app’s strong points. After selecting multiple notes as a group, Mural allows you to sort them by four options:

  1. Arrange notes by types
  2. Arrange notes into a row
  3. Arrange notes into a column
  4. Arrange notes into a grid.

The Arrange tools create a presentable structure for your notes. They can also be used to clean up your space if it’s getting messy. The Align tools will also help tidy up your content.

Accessing your notes is also easy. In the desktop editor, you’ll find a useful mini-map feature that lets you jump to a broader area of your board. Every Mural is automatically synced to your account, and you can find your favorite murals by hitting the star next to a Mural.

Download: Mural for Windows | macOS | Android | iOS (Free, subscriptions available)

Padlet Notes canvas

Padlet is the perfect sticky notes app for creative types. There are three membership options available: Neon, Gold, and Platinum, which each offer more storage as you move up the plans.

Padlet’s canvas offers some of the best customizable features for your notes. You can add a custom background, select a font style, apply a color theme, and much more before even starting to make notes. Note cards have various tools, too, including an image uploader, an audio and video recorder, and an embed tool for adding content from the web to your note cards.

One handy feature is the Remake tool. This allows you to duplicate a padlet along with any customization settings. This can save you lots of time when generating future ideas. If you’re looking for additional inspiration, check out the Gallery tab, which features an extensive range of example padlets you can modify if you hate starting from scratch.

Download: Padlet for Windows | macOS | Android | iOS (Free, subscriptions available)

Capture Your Ideas Fast and Don’t Rely on Your Memory

Whether you struggle to remember things or want a fast method to capture your thoughts, a sticky notes app is your brain’s best friend. Opening a large-scale note-taking app isn’t always the best option for quick ideas.

Sticky note apps offer a reliable and accessible way to get ideas down without unnecessary distractions. Try these apps to build a new way of remembering things wherever you are.