The 7 Best Task Management Apps for Building a Daily Routine

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Do you find that no matter how hard you try, some habits are impossible to form? Whether it’s waking up early, doing exercise, or simply making your bed, a lack of consistency often leads to you giving up.

Routines achieve the opposite of this—by forming consistency in your daily routine, you provide an easier path to get things done while reducing mental resistance. In this article, we’ll look at the best task management apps for building a daily routine, so you can succeed every day.

1. Routinero

Routinero is an advanced task management app to create repeating tasks and build a daily routine. You can build new habits by setting individual repeating tasks, or you can compile multiple tasks to form a routine.

Routinero uses subtasks to break your routine into small actionable steps. Routines reset daily, and you can monitor your progress by checking daily streaks.

Scheduling a routine is simple: Hit New from the homepage, enter a title, and press the Schedule dropdown menu. Then, you can schedule a repeat time for the routine by hitting the Start time option. You can access more advanced repeat options by hitting the checkbox beside the Repeat header.

Download: Routinero for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is another great app for forming consistent habits. The app syncs with your Microsoft account, so you can access your to-do lists on any device.

The My Day feature is one of the app’s standouts to help build a daily routine. You can add tasks by hitting the plus (+) button in the lower-right corner. Scroll to the right of the options bar to view the Repeat button. You can hit Daily or select Customized if you’d like to exclude weekend days.

The My Day tool also provides smart suggestions to save extra time when building your routine. Hit the Suggestions button at the bottom of the page to view a list of frequently entered tasks.

Download: Microsoft To Do for Android | iOS (Free)

3. is another strong task management to feature a My Day section that offers additional productivity tools. You can organize tasks in lists and share your routine with your colleagues by creating work boards.

To plan your daily schedule, hit the My Day button from the bottom navigation bar. Next, you can enter task names and set reminders using the presets above the text box. Alternatively, you can select the Custom button to set your own reminders Like Microsoft To Do, features suggestions to add to your daily routine ordered by relevance.

To combine task management with your schedule, you can import your calendar from the Calendar tab. features its own calendar system where you can add events and set reminders. This way, you can fit your daily routine around your schedule. for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

4. Do It Now

If you’d like to turn your routine into a fun challenge, Do It Now’s gamified approach to task management is guaranteed to keep you motivated. The app uses popular concepts from video games, such as leveling up and earning XP, as an innovative method of task management.

Like an RPG game, you’ll own and build up your character by completing tasks and staying on track. Hit the plus (+) button to add a task and select the circular arrow option to repeat tasks daily. From this page, you can also add skills associated with the task, which will earn you XP.

By completing productive daily tasks such as reading a useful book, you’ll receive a number of coins based on the task’s difficulty. You’ll also level up in different skill sets, including discipline, erudition, and communication. Do It Now is a great app to become the hero of your own productivity journey.

Download: Do It Now for Android (Free, subscription available)

Download: Habitica for iOS (Free, subscription available)

5. Habitify

Habitify is a brilliant app for setting up your ideal daily routine using habits. You can implement daily habits and input how they affect your mood using Habitify’s mood tracker. The app also has an option dedicated to breaking bad habits.

Habitify’s detailed approach to habit tracking is perfect for statistic lovers. You can measure habits using logs and timers or by using the simple Succeed button. This is perfect for measuring your productivity while being clear about what you want to achieve daily.

To make daily planning less stressful, Habitify offers a feature called Areas to split up your day. Each area acts as a folder to store separate habits. You can use this to break your daily routine into a Morning, Afternoon, and Evening section.

Download: Habitify for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

6. TimeTune

TimeTune offers a smart and productive solution to building a daily routine using what it calls Blocks. You can assign one or more tags to every block and set a start and end time. The best thing with TimeTune is that after planning your day, you can save it as a template to copy and paste onto other days.

Making changes to your daily schedule is another strong feature. You can drag and drop blocks to swap different parts of the schedule. This can help with any last-minute changes and removes the hassle of editing tasks individually. TimeTune also features a Statistics section that offers insights into your productive habits. This offers a visual way of seeing how you spend your time and can help you regain lost productivity habits.

Download: TimeTune for Android (Free, subscription available)

7. Brite

Brite is a well-known daily planning app bringing smart productivity solutions to all of your needs. It offers many features for building daily routines, such as repeating events and a habit-building function.

One of Brite’s key advantages is its customization. Every task features an array of color options, a priority setting, and different repeat functionalities. You can set the days of the week for tasks to reoccur, or you can use the monthly view if you have vacations interrupting your routine.

Adding daily habits to your routine is also simple. Brite offers a range of suggestions, including reading, jogging, cleaning, and meditation. You can see your progress in different areas by viewing the statistics section for every habit. If you’re looking to upgrade your daily routine, Brite offers a great solution for living a productive lifestyle.

Download: Brite for iOS | Web (Free, subscription available)

Build Consistency With These Powerful Daily Routine Apps

Consistency is the key to achieving your most ambitious goals. Whether small or large, building a routine will guarantee you stay on track with your goals while creating the shortest path to success. Try these apps to build a strong daily routine and be one step closer to achieving your goals.

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