The best golf apps to improve your game and golfing experience

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While the game of golf has undergone several changes in its long and storied history, none has had a greater impact than the surge of modern technology. Such is its impact, that the past decade has seen a steep rise in golf apps, and the way they have been embraced by both professional and amateur golfers.

During the pandemic of 2020, when social distancing was the order of the day, experts marked a spike in the use of golf apps. Since then, they have expanded in their use, and are now convenient ways for golfers to book their tee times, post scores, read their golf swings, or reach out to a master coach in a different continent. From expert golfers to amateurs, golf apps have become a viable way to improve one’s golfing game and experience and have been embraced across personal and professional play alike.

These are some of the best golf apps available to up the ante on your golf game. (Image: Matt Barnard/Pexels)

Want to get ahead of your own golfing game? Read on for our compilation of the best golf apps available and try them out for a chance to improve your game and golfing experience.

The best golf apps to improve your game and golfing experience

Hole19 Golf GPS and Scorecard

(Image: Hole19)

Price: Free, premium plans available. Premium plans start at USD 7.99 per month.

Hole19 is a free golf GPS app for Apple and Android mobile devices, and can also be used on smartwatches. As one of the best golf apps available for players, Hole19 comes with an impressive stat-tracking feature, an excellent user interface, and a sophisticated, user-friendly design. With more than 43,000 courses mapped, the app provides golfers with accurate GPS distances to greens, hazards, and a comprehensive aerial depiction of the hole. Players taking trips to more remote golf courses in the world with limited internet access can pre-download the course for ease of access. A premium subscription package is offered for users who want an even more immersive experience with the Hole 19 app.

Key Features:

  • Precise calculation of distance
  • Live leaderboards
  • Overall statistics
  • Handicap simulator
  • Performance insights

Find it on Google Play or Apple Store.

GolfNow: Golf Tee Times

Price: Free, memberships available. GolfPass+ memberships are available at USD 89 per year.

One of the best golf apps in the application space, GolfNow connects golfers to golf courses, offering 9-hole and 18-hole tee time bookings at 11,000-plus courses worldwide. GolfPass subscribers enjoy monthly tee time credits and simple access to alternative golf experiences like Topgolf. Through the app, users can quickly find and book tee times with amazing discounts in their location, save their preferred courses for quick and simple bookings, book instantly without having to call or wait, and earn and redeem GolfNow Rewards that can be used for upcoming rounds.

Key Features:

  • Rewards for every tee-time booking
  • Exclusive Deals with GolfPass+
  • No waiting or calling is required; book 24/7
  • Exclusive training videos
  • Interaction with pros

Find it on Google Play or Apple Store.

Arccos Caddie

Price: Free, memberships available. Membership costs USD 155.88 per year.

As the official game tracker for the PGA Tour, Arccos is well deserving of its place as golf’s leading on-course tracking system. The acclaimed Arccos app is available on both iOS and Android devices, synchronising with Arccos sensors to provide an unparalleled amalgamation of automatic shot tracking, rangefinders, and insights driven by artificial intelligence. With Strokes Gained Analytics covering every aspect of the game and custom mapping offered on over 40,000 courses, this app helps golfers of all ability levels to play more effectively.

Key Features:

  • Advanced stats
  • GPS rangefinder
  • Advanced caddie features
  • Personalised caddie assistance

Find it on Google Play or Apple Store.


Price: Free

Fairgame is an exciting social networking app available for iOS and Android that allows golfers to find the games they want to play with like-minded people. Developed partly by professional golfer Adam Scott, Fairgame is an excellent application for players who want to connect with other golfers in a “digital clubhouse.” Golfers can use the app to record their scores and statistics from each game to get a complete picture of their progress. A free Fairgame Handicap is included with every Fairgame account, enabling users to play with players of different skill levels and keep track of their progress.

Key Features:

  • Wagering
  • Curated golf news
  • Live round notifications and post-round recaps
  • Social connectivity

Find it on Google Play or Apple Store.

Golf Coach

(Image: Golf Coach App)

Price: Free to create an account, film, and analyse golf swings. Coaches collect subscription or once-off fees from students for their coaching services, which can be booked through the Golf Coach App.

An online golf coaching platform, the Golf Coach app allows players to connect with any golf coach anywhere in the world and receive feedback on their swing, on-course play, and even a game plan. Players can easily treat the app as a world-class golf coach, which they have in their very own smartphones. To enhance their golf game, players can record their swing with the app and send it to a coach of their choice, who will then provide tips for improvement. The app also handles payments and facilitates communication between students and their coach.

Key Features:

  • Record golf swings and statistics while on the course
  • Sophisticated video functionalities
  • Super easy interaction between students and coaches

Find it on Google Play or Apple Store.

Shot Tracer

Price: Free and paid versions available. Membership starts from USD 5.99.

Voted the best golf app by several reputable golf magazines, the Shot Tracer app, which is available for iOS, Android, PC, and macOS, does what had previously seemed impossible: ball flight tracking! Not only does it track ball flight, it also offers golf swing tracking, putt and pitch shots, amazing 3D map overlays, and more. Users can choose from dozens of special effects, such as rocket launcher, fire swing, laser tracer, and much more, to pep up their social media posts. It is very simple and easy to use, allowing players to add amazing 3D maps to their swing videos to paint a better picture of their golf rounds.

Key Features:

  • Fully automatic start-to-finish ball flight tracing
  • Digital scorecard
  • Custom video effects or special effects
  • Extremely easy to use

Find it on Google Play or Apple Store.


Price: Free and PRO membership plans are available at USD 19.99 per year.

TheGrint is one of the best golf apps for GPS, handicap, and scorecard tracking. It works with both iOS and Android devices and is ideal for practically any course, worldwide. The app allows users to link their GHIN# to track their golf handicap and post scores while improving their skills. The app also offers a digital scorecard, GPS rangefinder, and dependable tracking for golf stats, among many other helpful tools. Another one of the app’s biggest selling points is its ability to create and foster a golf community where users can easily connect with one another.

Key Features:

  • Advanced stats and performance
  • Shot tracker and distance calculator
  • Insights and targets

Find it on Google Play or Apple Store.


Price: A free 12-month membership and a GolfLogix Plus membership are available for USD 12.99 per month or USD 59.99 per year. Two day passes are available for USD 9.99.

As the first in the golf industry to develop a handheld GPS, Golf Logix is a world leader in the most precise golf GPS app technology. For years, the company has professionally mapped golf locations, maintaining the most up-to-date database of golf courses worldwide. In addition, the most recent version of the app now includes aerial images of every hole. Players can use the touch screen on their phone to calculate the distance to any place on the image, as well as the distance between their selection location and the flagstick. The GolfLogix app seems to have everything a user might want and more. The features are extremely innovative, practically limitless, and constantly expanding.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant 3D course maps
  • Pro-level statistics analysis
  • Discounted tee times
  • Exclusive club tracking technology
  • Precise GPS distances with slope adjustments

Find it on Google Play or Apple Store.


Price: Free standard version is available.

mScorecard is among the best golf apps that offers the most comprehensive free golf scorecard, statistics, and GPS functionalities. With mScorecard, players can record the details of their game including strokes, putts, fairway shots, chips, ups and downs, and clubs. The app can score up to five players per round. Additionally, golfers can view distances to the green, bunkers, hazards, and other points of interest at any time. The aerial map visualises the course, allowing users to measure distances and plan their shots. In addition to normal scoring, golfers can also play multiple side games, including Skins, Nassau, and more.

Key Features:

  • Option to play multiple side games
  • Comprehensive round statistics for every participant in the group
  • Automatic calculation of handicap
  • Advanced player statistics

Find it on Google Play or Apple Store.


Price: Free and subscription plans are available.

As one of the most forward-looking golf applications available, Swingbot is revolutionising golf instruction. Using a sophisticated software system, the app provides automatically analysed videos with personalised analysis. Users looking to improve their golf game can upload a golf swing video with their smartphones, thus allowing the software to instantly and easily deliver PGA Master Professional golf instruction.

The app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect the player’s body points and positions, analysing the results to present a solution for improvement. Swingbot is the perfect tool for fine-tuning the mechanical aspects of the game, making it an incredible golf app for those seeking to upgrade their swing.

Key Features:

  • Video library
  • Analysis results with custom video annotations
  • Multiple camera angles
  • AI-backed detection of body points and positions

Find it on Google Play or Apple Store.

(Main and featured image: Steve Momot/Pexels)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– Which is the number one golf app?

Based on the number of downloads and ratings on Google Play and the App Store, Hole19 could be the number one golf app available today.

– Which is the best golf live app?

GOLFTV is easily the best golf live app available across the app stores. The PGA Tour-powered app is the world’s premier digital destination for golf enthusiasts, providing live and on-demand broadcast coverage of the Tour as well as additional events for subscribers.

– Which is the best free golf map app?

GolfLogix offers a free 12-month membership, and the app covers over 35,000 mapped courses with centimeter-by-centimeter accuracy.

– Is the Hole 19 app free?

The Hole19 app has a free version where users get a plethora of features, including mapping requests, digital scorecards, performance on the web, multiplayer tracking, and more.

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