The Dance of The Work Intelligence Titans: Microsoft Vs Google

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Duet AI assistant after extensive testing with 1M users of Workspace apps customers paying for: Gmail, GDrive, GSlides, GDocs, etc the Duet AI for Google Workspace is now released. Some of the unique features I already love are note-taking tool that generates summaries and action items in Google Meet, a handy Gmail writing tool like Chat GPT to write draft emails, automatic table generation in Google Sheets and the Ability to generate presentations or create images in Google Slides. Google plans to charge businesses $30 a month per user to access its new AI tools across Gmail, Drive, Slides, Docs, and more.

Interestingly, Google pricing is is the same as Microsoft’s price for its AI system Copilot, which offers similar features across Office apps.

Google continues to munch on Microsoft’s market share with Google claiming now they have over 10 million paying customers, up from 6 million in 2020. Microsoft Office remains their largest competitor, dominating the enterprise market, but increasingly smaller businesses enjoy the Google experience.

Most of the AI Startups are using Google but often gravitate over to Microsoft as they scale up more, but as Google continues to innovate its work office intelligence offerings, Microsoft will need to be alert, given the sheer creative DNA in Google’s engineering and product development teams.

It reminds me of Apple vs IBM on personal computer hardware innovation race – perhaps one day Apple and Google will come together and what magical havoc this would play out in the office of the future market dynamics.

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