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As an Apple fan, something that bothers me the most is a lot of people often overlook the Apple Reminders app on their iPhone or Mac and think of it as just another basic to-do list app.

What’s worse is that some of these people even go as far as to buy or subscribe to a third-party to-do list or reminders app when they have one of the best apps baked right into their devices for free, with the best possible cross-device sync and functionality.

I believe this is because most people don’t realize the true potential and capabilities of the Apple Reminders app and do not know how to make use of it properly.

There is more to it than ticking off groceries and errands, and the app, which might look unassuming at first glance, is actually a powerhouse of functionality that can revolutionize how we organize our lives.

So, I am writing this blog post for those people and for anyone else who is not using Apple Reminders and is missing out on a world of productivity and convenience.

I will highlight how I use Apple Reminders in my daily life, the different features I find useful, and how you can benefit from this app.

Let’s get started!

My History with Apple Reminders

I have been a regular user of the Reminders app ever since I got my first Apple device, the iPhone 11 Pro Max, back in 2019.

I have bought almost every device Apple sells since then, and Reminders has always been my go-to to-do list app.

While I initially only started using that app out of convenience because it was already there and was free, over the years, I have relied more on the app than I initially would have imagined, thanks to Apple constantly improving the app and adding new features.

Source: iDropNews

Fast forward to 2023, with iOS 17, the Reminders app is better than ever, and it is amazing to see how Apple has transformed this app…

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