Top 6 Fashion Design Apps For Your Clothing Designs

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Embark on a creative journey with design apps that revolutionize the way designers bring their visions to life. From new ways to get fashion inspirations to professional fashion sketch apps, explore a diverse range of tools that cater to every designer’s needs.

6 Best Apps That Every Fashion Designer Needs

Discover how these 6 apps offer innovative features, streamlining the design process for faster and more inspired creations.

1. YouCam Makeup: Get AI Fashion Inspiration

The first tool in our list is the app YouCam Makeup, providing an innovative platform to draw inspiration and explore diverse styles effortlessly.

At the heart of its appeal lies the app’s cutting-edge AI fashion tool, a dynamic feature designed to ignite creativity and streamline the design process. Delve into a vast reservoir of over 60 distinct fashion styles curated for women, men, and kids.

With YouCam Makeup‘s AI fashion tool, the creative journey is simplified to a few easy steps.

  • Step 1: Tap the “AI Fashion” feature.
  • Step 2: Upload an image of a model.
  • Step 3: Select up to five outfit styles from the extensive repertoire available.
  • Step 4: In a matter of minutes, the AI algorithm works its magic, generating a myriad of outfit examples.

This transformative approach not only expedites the design phase but also opens up a realm of possibilities for experimentation, allowing designers and enthusiasts alike to fine-tune their aesthetic preferences and stay at the forefront of fashion innovation.

Download the best fashion design app youcam makeup

2. Vogue Runway Fashion Shows

Fashion design app vogue runway

Vogue Runway provides exclusive access to global runway shows with an extensive archive of 20,000+ fashion shows dating back to 1988. Users can explore runway images with AI-powered search, and save looks to personalized mood boards. The app also offers detailed views of accessories and shoes. Additionally, Vogue Runway features street style photos and reviews from internationally recognized writers, offering a comprehensive and streamlined fashion experience.

3. Pinterest: Explore The Latest Fashion Trends

Fashion Design app pinterest

Harness the creative potential of Pinterest for fashion design inspiration by curating boards that reflect your unique style and projects. Follow influential fashion accounts, brands, and trend-centric boards to stay updated on the latest trends and utilize the search function to explore specific trends or themes, and save inspiring images to your boards.

Stay attuned to seasonal trends, and let Pinterest be a dynamic source that propels your fashion design journey with fresh ideas and insights!

4. Fashion Design Sketches: Easy Sketching Tools

Fashion design app for sketches

Fashion Design Sketches is a versatile sketchpad for fashion designers, offering a range of creative tools. Users can mix and match elements, choose from various clothing options, and employ drawing tools for a seamless design process.

Designers can create a variety of looks for women, men, and kids, and share their projects on social networks. The platform’s modular patterns, customizable palettes, and easy sketching make it an effective tool for both professionals and amateurs.

5. Fashion Illustration: Learn How To Sketch Fashion Designs

Fashion design all for fashion illustrations

Fashion Illustration offers a comprehensive guide to fashion sketching, including step-by-step sketching lessons with different figure and garment sketching options to choose from. The drawing tools and bright color palette allow users to add fabric texture and bring their designs to life.

For iOS users the app also offers an AI generation tool for creating clothing and accessories in specific styles.

6. Prêt-à-Template (iOS only): Personalized Fashion Sketches

fashion design app for sketches

Prêt-à-Template is another great fashion design app on this list. The minimalist interface and simple tools redefine digital fashion creation. Access thousands of templates, realistic brushes, and custom palettes for personalized sketches. Other popular features include project organization and a Moodblog for inspiration sharing.

The app supports Apple Pencil, syncs projects across devices, and offers flexible subscription plans. Try it free for 7 days and explore a revolutionary way of designing fashion effortlessly.

Best Fashion Design Apps: Comparison

Check out this app comparison to learn quickly about each app’s features and decide which one is right for you!

App Rating Design Inspiration Sketch Tools
YouCam Makeup ⭐ 4.8/4.4

Vogue Runway


Fashion Design Sketches

Fashion Illustration ⭐
(iOS only)

(iOS only)

What Is the Best Fashion Design App in 2024?

In 2024, two standout fashion design apps are highly recommended.

YouCam Makeup: Explore AI Fashion Designs

Firstly, YouCam Makeup stands out for its AI-driven fashion inspiration, allowing users to explore diverse styles and generate unique outfit ideas. The app’s innovative AI fashion tool is a game-changer for both fashion enthusiasts and designers, making it an exceptional choice for creative inspiration.

Download the best fashion design app youcam makeup

Fashion Illustration: Create Fashion Sketches & Designs

Secondly, Fashion Illustration emerges as a top pick, providing excellent sketching tools to bring design ideas to life. With step-by-step guidance and a diverse range of templates, Fashion Illustrator caters to both professionals and amateurs.

The app’s minimalist interface, realistic brushes, and various drawing tools make it a powerful platform for sketching and visualizing fashion concepts.

Fashion Design App FAQ

What fashion app do designers use to design?

Fashion designers commonly use apps like Adobe Illustrator for professional design and sketching, offering a comprehensive set of tools for creating detailed and scalable fashion illustrations. Additionally, some designers leverage Procreate, known for its intuitive interface and advanced drawing capabilities, making it a popular choice for digital sketching and design in the fashion industry.

Which app is best for digital fashion illustration?

Best apps for digital fashion illustration in 2024:

  1. YouCam Makeup
  2. Fashion Design Sketches
  3. Fashion Illustrator
  4. Prêt-à-Template (iOS only)

Can I design clothes digitally?

Designing clothes digitally is a common practice. Designers use various software applications like Adobe Illustrator or specialized fashion design apps to create digital sketches, allowing for precise detailing, experimentation with patterns, and efficient visualization of clothing concepts.

How do beginners design clothes?

As a beginner, you can start with some more budget-friendly apps available for digital clothing design. Apps like YouCam Makeup and Prêt-à-Template offer accessible options for individuals who may not require the advanced features of professional software but still want to explore digital fashion design.

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