Language app for travellers Memrise adds…

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It utilises a suite of AI technologies to help users learn

AI-powered language-learning app with over 70 million users worldwide Memrise has announced the addition of two new languages, Greek and Indonesian.

It already has an offering in 23 other languages thanks to leveraging emerging technologies to make language learning engaging for users. 

The app combines a chat GPT-powered “MemBot” chat tool and a library of over 48,000 scenario-based lessons, including videos featuring real native speakers, to create an interactive learning experience. 

While a high volume of traffic is directed towards popular languages like English, Spanish and French, Memrise wants to ensure that learners of Greek and Indonesian have access to the “best possible resources”. 

Both Greece and Indonesia have seen a recent  influx of tourism, with the Bank of Greece reporting 32.7 million tourists in 2023, and the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) reporting a surge of 11.7 million tourists to Indonesia in the same year. 

To cater to potential travellers, the new courses will include dozens of hyper-specific, scenario-based lessons to help users feel more confident in real-world situations such as ordering in a Greek taverna or shopping for clothes at an Indonesian market.  

“At Memrise, we’re dedicated to helping the world overcome challenges when it comes to language learning, and continuing to add new courses only highlights this commitment,” said Steve Toy, CEO of Memrise. 

“The addition of Indonesian and Greek in particular will help Memrise to provide access to an even wider range of languages, empowering our users to achieve their learning goals and explore new content.”

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