Transforming Education and Healthcare with AI-Powered Teacher Apps

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WESTFIELD, N.J., March 02, 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Robust AI is a groundbreaking startup specializing in artificial intelligence-driven teacher apps. Led by CEO Usman Roshan and spearheaded by lead AI engineer Yunzhe Xue, Robust AI is dedicated to leveraging artificial intelligence to provide real-time feedback and guidance on human activity from smartphone or laptop cameras. With a suite of innovative apps currently available, including flagship app Top Dancer on the App Store, Robust AI is revolutionizing education and healthcare with its transformative solutions.

Robust AI’s apps available on the App Store and Google Play, including Top Dancer, Top Pushup, ACE: AI Coach for Dance and Exercise, and Top Moonwalker, utilize advanced AI algorithms created by lead AI engineer Yunzhe Xue to analyze human activity accurately. Whether users are perfecting dance moves, counting workout reps, or correcting form, these apps offer personalized coaching tailored to individual needs and abilities.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Robust AI to the world,” said Usman Roshan, CEO of Robust AI. “Our mission is to empower users to achieve their goals through AI-driven personalized coaching. With our suite of apps, we aim to make learning and skill development more accessible and effective than ever before.”

In addition to consumer-focused products, Robust AI is making strides in healthcare with the development of an AI surgical teacher app in collaboration with surgeons at leading hospitals. This app, also designed and implemented by Yunzhe Xue, aims to provide surgical trainees with invaluable guidance and feedback during training procedures, enhancing patient outcomes and safety. For a demonstration, click here.

Key features of Robust AI’s apps include:

Real-Time Feedback: Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, Robust AI’s apps provide users with live, real-time feedback on their dance moves, workout reps, and form, empowering them to make immediate adjustments and improvements.

Accurate Analysis: Advanced AI algorithms accurately analyze human activity, providing precise feedback tailored to individual needs.

Personalized Coaching: Tailored to each user’s unique needs and abilities, Robust AI’s apps offer personalized coaching and recommendations to help individuals achieve their fitness and skill development goals effectively.

Convenience and Accessibility: With no additional hardware required, users can simply use their smartphone or laptop camera to access Robust AI’s apps anytime, anywhere, making learning and skill improvement more accessible and convenient than ever before.

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